April is STD Awareness Month

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Get the Facts, Take Control of Your Health

Surging STDs Endanger the Health of Too Many

STDs have come charging back across the nation. Since 2013, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis have all sharply increased – with more than two million of these infections reported in 2017 alone. Today, as these STDs continue to surge, we face a climbing number of babies born with syphilis, an increasing risk of infertility and getting or giving HIV, and the looming threat of untreatable gonorrhea.

It’s not all bad news: There are many ways to prevent STDs, and fortunately, most infections are curable and all are treatable.

Each April, we observe STD Awareness Month to spread the word about what sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are and how they impact people’s lives, as well as to reach communities about why it’s so important to prevent, test for, and treat these infections.

Time for Action: Let’s Work Together to Combat Rising STD Rates

Knowing more about STDs is a great first step, but action is how we overcome these worrisome trends. Everyone can get involved: CDC and other federal organizations, community leaders, health departments, national and community-based organizations, healthcare providers, and individuals.

To help, CDC updated four of its most popular STD Awareness Month campaigns – allowing partners to tailor their outreach activities to better fit their local burden, needs, and audiences. The following is an overview of the available campaigns, as well as links to additional resources and ways to get involved:

CDC also makes a number of STD prevention, treatment and care resources available throughout the year.

It’s time for action. Working together, we CAN reverse these trends, protect ourselves, and protect one another. Let’s get to it!

Page last reviewed: April 2, 2019