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DES Update: Consumers

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The following content is no longer maintained and may be out of date. Persons with disabilities having difficulty accessing the information on this page may contact for assistance. Please view the Updated Bibliographies on the Updated Bibliographies page for updated information on this topic.

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Download DES Materials

Cover image of CDC's DES Update Binder Here you can view or download the print version of CDC's DES Update. This includes the DES Self-Assessment Guide. All downloads are available in the Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in to view and print these files.

Download the entire print version of CDC's DES Update. (PDF: 2.5 MB)

Intro Letter (PDF: 80 KB)

Milestones in DES History (PDF: 180 KB)

Fact Sheets Table of Contents (PDF: 32 KB)
Section 1: What We Know About DES
Overview (PDF: 48 KB)

DES: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (PDF: 68 KB)

A history of DES and what to look for about DES in the future.

CDC's DES Update (PDF: 120 KB)

An overview of CDC's DES health education program including a timeline of the history of DES and a list of partner organizations.

Known DES Health Effects (PDF: 432 KB)

In-depth information about the health effects of DES exposure experienced by women prescribed DES while pregnant, women exposed to DES before birth (DES Daughters), and men exposed to DES before birth (DES Sons).

Understanding DES Research (PDF: 136 KB)

Information on DES research, including how to decide whether a source of information is reliable, what can be learned about human health risks from laboratory animal studies, and the role of cohort studies in DES research.

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Section 2: What We Are Learning About DES
Overview (PDF: 40 KB)

Recent DES Research (PDF: 112 KB)

A review of current DES research.

Related Concerns (PDF: 112 KB)

A discussion of potential but unconfirmed health risks and other related health issues.

DES Teleconferences (PDF: 92 KB)

A series of conversations with DES researchers and clinical experts.

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Section 3: What You Can Do About DES
Overview (PDF: 32 KB)

Working with Your Health Care Provider (PDF: 52 KB)

Tips to help you talk with your health care provider about DES.

CDC's DES Update in Brief (PDF: 36 KB)

A summary card to help start a discussion about DES. Take this card to your health care provider or share it with family and friends.

Protecting Your Health and the Health of Your Family (PDF: 60 KB)

Steps you can take to protect your health and the health of your family.

DES Health Information Record (PDF: 92 KB)

A form to help men and women keep track of their DES health information.

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Section 4: Additional DES Resources
Overview (PDF: 44 KB)

Partner and Government Organizations (PDF: 120 KB)

A list of the names and contact information for organizations that provide useful DES resources.

DES Glossary (PDF: 88 KB)

A list of terms and definitions relevant to the topic of DES.

DES Bibliography (PDF: 172 KB)

A list of published research and other sources of DES information grouped by main topic.

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DES Self-Assessment Guide
A Guide to Understanding Your Risk for DES Exposure (PDF: 152 KB)

A print-based version to help you determine if you might have been exposed to DES.

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