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CDC Work@Health ® Training and Implementation

Work@Health® training is providing employers with the knowledge and tools to promote good health in their workplaces to prevent or reduce chronic illness and disability, thereby improving productivity and the competitiveness of employers participating in this training program.

Four distinct training models have been used to deliver a common basic comprehensive workplace health training curriculum built on a problem-based training approach and focused on improving employer knowledge and skill. One of the following three models was offered to participating employers by a professional instructor/facilitator:


  • Online model involving knowledge- and skill-based training conveyed through lectures, seminars, case studies, practical demonstrations and delivered through distance-based or e-learning mechanisms such as webinars, teleconference and/or streaming videos.
  • Hands-on model involving a knowledge- and skill-based training in which employers are brought together on a local, state or regional level in an interactive workshop or classroom format and provided content through a variety of approaches including lectures, skill lessons, practical demonstrations, case studies, participant discussion and interaction, and exercises.
  • Blended model involving a knowledge- and skill-based training that uses a combination of distance-based or e-learning (online model) and in-person classroom sessions (hands-on model).

A fourth model was delivered to employers or other organizations who support employer workplace health efforts (e.g., health departments, business coalitions, trade associations) who have completed the Work@Health® Program or have demonstrated the requisite knowledge present in the curricula.


  • Train-the-trainer model involving a knowledge- and skill-based training delivered by a professional instructor/facilitator that creates a team of certified trainers who are capable of providing basic comprehensive workplace health training to employers more broadly.

    The focus of this training has been on the development of skills enabling participants to train others.

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