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About CDC Work@Health®

Work@Health® is a comprehensive workplace health training program that supports more than 300 employers of various sizes, industry sectors, and geographic areas, as well as other participants that support employer workplace health efforts, such as health departments, business coalitions, and trade associations. The program is helping employers develop a skill set and capacity to build or enhance a science-based workplace health program through basic and intermediate level training. The program supported more than 200 employers to participate in training through one of three training models (online, hands-on, and a blend of online and hands-on), and more than 100 participants (employers and other organizations) that have participated through a train-the-trainer model. The training curricula is being supplemented with additional technical assistance and funding support to assist these participants in establishing effective workplace health programs or training others.



The program is designed to train employers on how to improve the health of their workers and their families through science-based prevention and wellness strategies using interventions that principally address chronic health conditions; specifically, heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and obesity. Work@Health® is aimed at achieving the following four goals:

  • Increase understanding of the training needs of employers and the best way to deliver skill-based training to them.
  • Increase employers’ level of knowledge and awareness of workplace health program concepts and principles as well as tools and resources to support the design, implementation, and evaluation of effective workplace health strategies and interventions. The training is meant to improve employer skills and capacity for developing or expanding workplace health programs.
  • Increase the number of science-based workplace health programs, policies, and practices in place at participating employers’ work sites and increase the access and opportunities for employees to participate in them.
  • Promote peer-to-peer community-based employer cooperation and mentoring.


Program Administration

CDC awarded two contracts to implement and administer the Work@Health® Program, and to evaluate its outcomes. ASHLIN Management Group, based in Greenbelt, Maryland, was selected as the implementation contractor and is responsible for the development and pilot testing of the training curricula, outreach and recruitment of employers, and delivery of the Work@Health® Program. ASHLIN Management Group is supported by subcontracts with Accenture, BETAH and Associates, the Public Health Management Corp., and the National Wellness Institute, under the direction of the CDC.

Research Triangle Institute International (RTI), based in Raleigh, North Carolina, is the evaluation contractor and is responsible for the comparative effectiveness of the comprehensive workplace health training models in reaching and engaging employers; the effect of the training on employer participant learning and self-efficacy in applying knowledge and skills gained through training; and final action taken by employer participants in putting into action evidence-based workplace health programs, policies, practices, and strategies.

The contractor selections were made through a competitive process involving an experienced technical evaluation panel that reviewed, scored, and ranked all proposals received. The implementation contractor, ASHLIN Management Group was selected because it demonstrated the expertise and capacity to bring together the right team of experts to design the training curricula and delivery systems and to implement the training across the United States. The evaluation contractor, Research Triangle Institute, was selected because of its evaluation capacity and expertise in conducting similar evaluations in terms of scope and complexity.



Work@Health® began with a pilot program consisting of more than 40 employers in fall 2013 that tested the four training delivery models using the basic comprehensive workplace health training curriculum. The object of the pilot test was to evaluate the procedures, methods, content and strategies of the training models to ensure that they would work in practice before applying them on a larger scale. The full-scale training began in 2014. .

The program was established with funds from the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Prevention and Public Health Fund. Training and technical support is being provided by the ASHLIN Management Group over the course of 12 months to support the implementation of science-based prevention and wellness strategies. Recruitment for participation in the Work@Health® training program in the fall of 2013, and the program was rolled out in 2014. The total training hours were determined by the findings of the pilot testing phase. Follow-up evaluations with employers, focused on the sustainability of their workplace health programs, will continue for an additional six months after training ends.

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