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Watsonian Society - A CDC Employee Organization for Public Health Advisors

Join the Watsonian Society!

You are invited to join the Watsonian Society--
An Organization for Public Health Advisors!

In the past year, the CDC sponsored employee organization, the Watsonian Society-An Organization for Public Health Advisors, has grown to its largest enrollment in its history. There are now over 600 current and former PHAs across the U.S. (and a few in international assignments) who are currently engaged in the process of renewing and strengthening the Society.

In 2010, the Watsonian Society received the 2010 Watsonian Society Task Force Report, which made 16 recommendations addressing issues of sustainability and growth for the future. The Watsonian Society has already taken action on several of these recommendations, and exciting changes are underway.

One of those changes is the creation of Associate Membership to welcome all public health partners who support the mission and goals of the Watsonian Society. If you would be interested in joining this group of dedicated public health professionals, please contact Heather Duncan at, or complete the form below (print and mail form with dues payment to the address below).

Current members, age 52 and over, may be interested in our Lifetime Membership option.


Active or Retired Members Associate (non-voting) Members
One Year: $15 One Year: $10
Three Years: $40 Three Years: $25
First Time Members pay 
a one-time $10 initiation fee
First Time Members pay
a one-time $5 initiation fee
Reinstatement fee for lapsed membership: $5 Reinstatement fee for lapsed membership: $5

Please complete and mail the form below (open with MS Word or Wordpad) along with your dues payment to:

The Watsonian Society
PO Box 49372
Atlanta, GA 30359

Please print the form [Word], fill it out, and send it along with your payment.