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CDC Global Health E-Brief

This website is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.


The Global Health Newsletter is no longer published. This page features the final E-Brief and a link for the Global Health E-Brief Archives. We are maintaining this information as reference material about CDC's global health activities.

Photo Credit: © 2010 David Snyder, CDC Foundation
A young girl looks on as CDC staff meet with camp leaders
in the Aviation camp in working in Port au Prince, Haiti,
5 weeks after the earthquake that killed more than
230,000 people in the city. The CDC worked to set up
disease surveillance networks in the weeks after
the earthquake to prevent outbreaks in the crowded
and unsanitary camps.

WELCOME to the first quarter 2011 Global Health E–Brief, designed to inform readers about key global health activities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). One year after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the island nation of Haiti; upwards of 1.5 million people continue to live in displaced persons camps while the country faces the added burden of a cholera crisis. CDC and a wide range of partners are helping Haiti reorganize, reconstruct, and restore systems to meet these enormous challenges. Haiti’s Ministry of Health requested CDC assistance in responding to control disease outbreaks. CDC has sent more than 277 technical staff to support public health in Haiti since the earthquake. Additionally, CDC and partners continue to work toward restoring the entire public health system that enables disease monitoring and response. Dr. Jordan Tappero, CDC medical epidemiologist and leader of the CDC cholera response team in Haiti states, "Our primary focus here is to save lives and control the spread of disease.” This quarter′s E–brief highlights the health impact of this work in Haiti.

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Global Health E-Brief Archives

Date Global Health E-Brief Title
01-01-11 Haiti: One Year after the Earthquake
12-10-10 Women & Girls Health Improves Community Health
08-09-10 Health Impact through Partnerships
04-23-10 Communication Increases Impact of Global Public Health Interventions
02-04-10 Revisiting Successful Integration of Public Health Interventions
09-30-09 Global Health Research Helps Save Lives
06-26-09 Ensuring Public Health in Insecure Areas
04-08-09 Building Public-Private Partnerships
01-09-09 Global Public Health Systems Strengthening
10-30-08 Responding to Global Public Health Emergencies
07-23-08 The Use of Surveillance and Research Data to Inform Policies
04-09-08 Global Health Engagement
12-01-07 Global Chronic Diseases and Health Conditions (PDF, 308 KB, 5 pages)
10-01-07 Child Health and Child Survival (PDF, 428 KB, 4 pages)
06-01-07 Global Safe Water and Food (PDF, 1.25 MB, 4 pages)
03-01-07 Urgent Threats, Urgent Realities (PDF, 1.23 MB, 5 pages)

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