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Injury and Violence Prevention Podcasts

Violence Prevention Podcasts

Electronic Aggression

Electronic Aggression New forms of electronic media, such as blogs, instant messaging, chat rooms, email, text messaging, and the internet are providing new arenas for youth violence to occur. (11/28/2007) 

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Intimate Partner Violence

When Closeness Goes Wrong Dr. Michele Black discusses a link between intimate partner violence and illnesses and risk factors such as HIV or sexually transmitted diseases. (2/14/2008) 

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Sexual Violence

Sexual Assault Awareness Month This podcast discusses sexual violence—what it is, the long-term health problems it can contribute to, and tips to stop it before it begins.

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Suicide and Trauma

Coping with Traumatic Events Tragedies affect all of us in different ways. Some people might react to the stress immediately, while others may not experience stress until later. (11/10/2009)
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Alcohol and Risk of Suicide Each year in the U.S., more than 30,000 people die of suicide. In this podcast, CDC's Dr. Alexander Crosby discusses the link between alcohol use and suicide. (6/18/2009)
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Traumatic Events and Suicide Feeling like you want to give up or thoughts of suicide are a sign that you need help. You can get help by calling the national hotline at 1-800-273-TALK. (8/11/2008)
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Coping With Depression and Thoughts of Suicide After a Disaster After a natural disaster, it is normal to feel sad, mad, or guilty—you may have lost a great deal. (11/30/2007)
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Preventing Suicide in Young People Dr. Keri Lubell discusses the importance of prevention and the roles individuals can play to help prevent those rates from increasing further. (11/15/2007)
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Toxicology Testing and Results for Suicide Victims In 2003, 31,484 suicides occurred in the United States. To assess the contribution of substance use to suicide, CDC analyzed test results of suicide victims in 13 states. (1/26/2007)
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Violence in the Workplace

Workplace Safety and Women This women's health podcast focuses on four important issues for women at work: job stress, work schedules, reproductive health, and workplace violence. (5/11/2009) 
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Violence on the Job (Part 1) Simply earning a living may expose you to the risk of violence, or even worse. Discover the environments most often associated with workplace violence. (7/31/2006)
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Violence on the Job (Part 2) Violence in the workplace is more common than you may think. Occupational health experts offer strategies on how to protect ourselves from danger on the job. (7/31/2006)
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Youth Violence

Break the Silence/Stop the Violence For parents, preparing teenagers for dating can be a tough time - preparing kids for difficult situations, knowing when there is a problem, and providing guidance. (8/5/2008)
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Keeping Schools Safe from Violence This podcast discusses preventing student homicides in school. (1/24/2008)
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Reducing Youth Crime School-based youth violence prevention programs have been proven effective at reducing violence, truancy, drug abuse, and delinquency. (10/5/2007)
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