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National Violent Death Reporting System

Data Access

NVDRS data are stored in an incident-based, relational database. Descriptive data can be accessed free of charge from NCIPC’s Web-based Injury Statistics and Query System (WISQARS) More detailed data from the NVDRS Restricted Access Database (RAD) is available by request for users meeting certain eligibility criteria.

WISQARS Violent Deaths (NVDRS) Module

WISQARS is an interactive query system that provides data on fatal and nonfatal injuries in the United States. Any data user can access WISQARS online.

The NVDRS module in WISQARS provides descriptive information on violence-related deaths available from participating states. The query system provides incident counts as well as crude and age-adjusted death rates by manner of death and cause of injury. Further, queries can be tailored to include the states, years, age ranges, and sex, racial or ethnic groups of interest.

Visit WISQARS NVDRS online at:

NVDRS Restricted Access Database (RAD)

NVDRS Restricted Access Database (RAD) includes the most detailed information on violence-related deaths, such as short narratives containing the circumstances identified in law enforcement and medical examiner or coroner investigations.

The restricted data are available to investigators who are connected to research organizations, government agencies, or an institution of higher education, including research foundations or grant-making organizations.

The restricted access database contains confidential information that could lead to disclosure of the identity of suspects and victims. CDC protects these data by requiring users to meet certain eligibility requirements and to take steps necessary to ensure the security of data, preserve confidentiality, and prevent unauthorized access to these data. To learn more about these data and to obtain information about the application process visit:

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