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Interactive Systems Framework

Closing the Gap Between Science and Practice 
Division of Violence Prevention

CDC's Injury Center is committed to saving lives, protecting people, and lowering the health and societal costs of violence and injuries. However, there is a well-known gap between science and practice. To address this gap in the areas of child maltreatment and youth violence, the Injury Center's Division of Violence Prevention (DVP) embarked on a dissemination and implementation planning project. The project aimed to identify better ways to connect research and practice through literature reviews and discussions with experts on violence prevention and research utilization. The result was the publication of a series of articles articulating the Interactive Systems Framework for Dissemination and Implementation (ISF) in a special issue of the American Journal of Community Psychology, Volume 41, 2008. Below are three CDC-authored articles considered to be foundational to the ISF from the 2008 special issue Archived Articles.

To further close the gap between prevention research and practice, the Injury Center’s Division of Violence Prevention and others across the CDC expanded on the application of the ISF by specifying the systems and processes required to support the dissemination and implementation of evidence-based programs, processes, practices, and policies. A second special issue of the American Journal of Community Psychology, Volume 50, 2012 outlines new applications of the ISF. Below are six CDC-authored articles on the ISF from the 2012 second special issue.

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