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Preparation for Awardees before VTrckS Go-Live

The VTrckS deployment process consisted of several steps to prepare awardees for the milestones that occurred before the their Go-Live date and during their first week of VTrckS operations. The five deployment steps included Awardee Readiness Calls, Flash Calls, Modules and Manuals, Training, and Shadow Sessions.


Awardee Readiness Calls

Awardee Readiness Calls provided an overview of the VTrckS deployment milestones, and offered an interactive environment for awardees to ask questions regarding their deployment to VTrckS. Three topics discussed during the monthly readiness call on a rotating basis included: NDC-level information in VTrckS, ExIS, and Training. Readiness calls commenced six months prior to the awardee’s deployment date, and three months before Modules and Manuals deployment preparation activities.


Flash Calls

Weekly Flash Calls provided an interactive forum for reviewing awardee progress toward VTrckS deployment milestones. During the calls, awardees got answers to frequently-asked questions and received deployment updates. Flash Calls started 13 weeks prior to the awardee’s Go-Live date and included an additional call during their target deployment week.

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Modules and Manuals

The Modules and Manuals were used to prepare awardees for transitioning to VTrckS. Each module was presented as a webinar providing specific information that awardees needed to successfully transition to VTrckS and the activities they were responsible for accomplishing before moving on to the next module. Each module had an accompanying manual that provided additional details. Awardees were issued “homework” assignments due by the next weekly Flash Call. The six Modules and Manuals sessions conducted over a 12-week period prior to deployment for VTrckS Direct and ExIS awardees included:

  • Module and Manual 1: Vaccine Management Overview
  • Module and Manual 2: Data Cleansing and Conversion
  • Module and Manual 3: Security Access
  • Module and Manual 4A: Provider Readiness (for VTrckS Direct awardees only)
  • Module and Manual 4B: ExIS File Upload Testing (for ExIS awardees only)
  • Module and Manual 5: Training Preparation
  • Module and Manual 6: Vaccine Management Transition Activities
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VTrckS Training

In Training, awardee users received step-by-step instructions on how to complete different tasks and transactions in VTrckS. Training courses were delivered using a blended learning approach. Students began by participating in a series of webinars. Each class provided an in-depth explanation of the VTrckS functionality, the impacts that the new functionality would have on their business processes, and step-by-step instructions accompanied by screen shots for how to perform each transaction.


Shadow Sessions

Shadow sessions were scheduled via Microsoft Live Meeting during each awardee’s first week of VTrckS deployment. These sessions provided awardee staff with an opportunity to place orders in VTrckS and practice additional functionality in the system (such as generating reports) while receiving real-time support and guidance from the Training Team and Contact Center.

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