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Provider Readiness

Awardees are responsible for developing a deployment plan for rolling their providers onto VTrckS. The Provider Go-Live Liaison is the identified person within the awardee office who will be the main point of contact for providers transitioning onto VTrckS. CDC recommended that awardees develop a provider deployment plan to begin two months after the awardee’s VTrckS deployment date. The roll-out can be phased/progressive or -simultaneous (e.g., all providers at once) depending upon awardee preference.


Preparing Providers for VTrckS

The following materials are available to assist awardees in preparing their providers for VTrckS:

  • Provider Communications
  • Post Go-Live Support
  • Provider Training
  • Technical Requirements for Providers

Providers are asked to participate in identity proofing and training conducted by the Provider Go-Live Liaison.


Provider Training

CDC has created provider training materials for use by awardees. The materials are posted online in the VTrckS Training Library and are maintained with current information. Providers accessing VTrckS directly are required to learn how to process and manage their vaccine orders in VTrckS. Awardees can organize their own training sessions best suited to their providers.


Provider Support and Access to VTrckS

CDC’s Vaccine Order Management Contact Center is an excellent resource for providers to receive assistance. For more information, see VTrckS Support Overview.

Providers require internet access and a web browser to access VTrckS. It is important to note if a provider does not have high-speed internet (i.e., they use dial-up or have a slower internet connection) they may experience issues using VTrckS. For more information, see VTrckS Technical Setup for Providers.

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