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VTrckS Support Overview

CDC has several resources available for awardees and providers when there are questions or additional assistance is requested after deployment.


VTrckS Awardee Support

The following support is available to both VTrckS Direct and ExIS awardees.

Vaccine Order Management Contact Center

The Vaccine Order Management Contact Center offers support or information by telephone, fax, and e-mail. The Contact Center provides assisted service for VTrckS questions in both English and Spanish. Please call 877-878-6247 for the fastest response. E-mail is also available. The fax number is 866-958-6247.

Training Library/Training Environment

The VTrckS Training library contains up-to-date training materials related to all VTrckS functionality. Awardees will learn how to leverage the different types of training materials during training. From the VTrckS Provider Training Environment, VTrckS Direct awardees will be able to log on as a provider and capture screenshots to use in the development of the provider training materials.

VTrckS Liaison

Each awardee has designated a VTrckS Liaison to serve as an onsite resource for communications with CDC. Consult with your office’s VTrckS Liaison for more details.

Project Officer

Awardees can contact their Project Officer for VTrckS-related issues, although the quickest support is usually obtained through the Contact Center.

Vaccine Advisor

Awardees can reach out to their Vaccine Advisor for any issues related to Spend Plan.

VTrckS ExIS Bi-Monthly Call and VTrckS ExIS Community Site

The ExIS Bi-Monthly Call covers ExIS-related topics and is held on the fourth Tuesday of every other month from  3:00 - 4:00 PM EST. The VTrckS ExIS Community Site is an online resource for ExIS stakeholders that provides reference materials, guidance, and an opportunity to participate in collaborative discussions. Send an email to for more information about either of these resources.


VTrckS Provider Support

Vaccine Order Management Contact Center

Providers are welcome to contact the Vaccine Order Management Contact Center at 1-877-878-6247 (TTY/TDD at 1-800-232-0038) or email the Contact Center.

VTrckS Training Library

The VTrckS Training Library contains up-to-date training materials for providers related to Vaccine Management. VTrckS users are taught how to leverage the different types of training materials during their training.

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