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Obtain Access to VTrckS

To ensure security for all VTrckS data and to prevent unauthorized transactions from being entered into the system, there are two security layers a user must clear to gain permission to use the VTrckS system. The first layer is SAMS (CDC’s Secure Access Management Services) which provides access through the CDC firewall to VTrckS. The second layer is managed within VTrckS and permits individualized access to functionality within VTrckS based on assigned authorized roles.


Identity Proofing Process Overview

For awardee users and providers that access VTrckS directly, identity proofing is necessary to gain permission to use VTrckS. Identity proofing validates a user’s identity against government-issued identification. The identity proofing activity must be completed before requesting access to VTrckS functionality.


Awardee Security Access Process

Each awardee office will identify a designated proofing agent (DPA) who is a person authorized by CDC to conduct and manage the security access process for awardee users from that office. DPAs submit initial registration documentation to request access to SAMS and verify that identity documents are accurate for each user.

After the identity proofing process is complete, the awardee user will complete and submit the VTrckS User Access Form to request access to one or more of the VTrckS system roles.


Provider Security Access Process

Only provider users that access VTrckS directly to place vaccine orders will need to be identity proofed and request access to VTrckS. The ‘responsible clinician’ (the individual who signs the VFC enrollment form) at each provider site will manage VTrckS access for their office's users. The responsible clinician will work with the awardee to approve new user requests, submit request to register with SAMS for the new user, validate user credentials and submit the Identity Voucher for access to VTrckS.

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