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Maintain Access to VTrckS

Awardee and provider user accounts must be regularly maintained to ensure the highest levels of security within the VTrckS system. The following scenarios and procedures outline how to maintain access to VTrckS without having to repeat the security access process.


Password Expiration (SAMS)

The SAMS password will need to be reset every 60 days and is required for awardees and providers. When a user logs into SAMS, (10 days prior to or after the password expires), SAMS will present the awardee or provider user with a password change page that allows the password to be changed. Once the password has been changed and saved, the user can access the VTrckS welcome page. Users should access the account at least once every 365 days to keep it active (if a user has not logged into their account within the last 335 days, the system sends the user a reminder that their account will expire in 30 days).


Employee Termination

When a user no long requires access to VTrckS it is critical that notification is received by CDC within 24 hours. The awardee DPA (Designated Proofing Agent) should contact the Vaccine Order Management Contact Center to request deactivation of the user’s SAMS and VTrckS account. The Vaccine Order Management Contact Center’s live operators provide assistance in both English and Spanish; and can be reached between 8am and 8pm EST Monday to Friday at 877-878-6247. E-mail is also available.

When a provider user no longer requires access to VTrckS, it is critical that the responsible clinician contacts their state/local/territorial immunization program within 24 hours to notify them of the change in status (it is not necessary to provide the reason for the change). The awardee will then process the request with CDC.


Locating a Lost/Forgotten Password

The user name assigned will be the e-mail address that was used to register for VTrckS. If the awardee or provider user forgets their password, they can click on the “Forgot” link on the SAMS login page and answer three security questions.

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Providers Transferring to a New Provider’s Office

As long as the provider user’s SAMS account is still active, there is no need for a provider user to complete the SAMS process again.


Adding/Updating a User’s Profile in VTrckS

To request that the individual user’s security profile be updated (i.e., e-mail address, user name, mailing address, etc.), awardee users should submit a VTrckS User Access Form via email to the Vaccine Order Management Contact Center.

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