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Ask VTrckS!

February/March 2013
VTrckS Connection Newsletter

The Q&A below addresses two topics recently brought forward by VTrckS awardees.

DEAR VTrckS: My awardee office has already deployed to VTrckS, but I am a new staff member that requires access to VTrckS and I have not gone through the security process.

How can a new VTrckS user obtain access to the system? — NEW VTrckS USER

DEAR NEW VTrckS USER: New VTrckS users must go through two layers of security to obtain access to VTrckS:

  • Layer 1: SAMS Access — SAMS (Secure Access Management Services) grants you access behind the CDC firewall and includes Identify Proofing. Your DPA (Designated Proofing Agent) must complete and submit a SAMS Invitation Request to begin the SAMS registration process.
  • Layer 2: VTrckS Access — CDC grants you access to necessary functionality within VTrckS. New users must complete and submit a VTrckS User Access Form to obtain access to VTrckS.

Both forms should be submitted to the Contact Center.

The SAMS Invitation Request and the VTrckS User Access Form are now located in the VTrckS Training Library. The Security Access Manual, also located in the Training Library, provides more detailed instructions on how to obtain access to SAMS and VTrckS.

Note: To modify an existing VTrckS user's access (e.g., role change, e-mail address change, user name change, or deactivation), the user will only need to complete and submit the VTrckS User Access Form to the Contact Center.

DEAR VTrckS: I have a vaccine return to enter into VTrckS; however, the NDC is not in the system.

Which NDCs are in VTrckS and what should I do if a provider reports a vaccine for a return or inventory that is not in VTrckS? — NDCs ON MY MIND

DEAR NDCs ON MY MIND: CDC has included in VTrckS all NDCs that are currently or have been included on the CDC vaccine contracts, as well as non-federal vaccines that have been distributed through McKesson. For vaccines with different NDC numbers on various vaccine components, the only NDC that can be used by awardees or providers for submitting inventory on hand and returns are the NDCs on the vaccine package, which are the same NDC numbers that are on the CDC vaccine purchase contracts. Please ensure that all awardee staff and provider staff understand they should not use the NDC on the vial or syringe unless it matches what is also on the vaccine package when submitting any information to VTrckS as it will not be recognized.

If a provider reports an NDC that you are not able to enter as a return or as inventory, this is because the NDC is either (1) an individual component NDC or (2) an NDC for a privately purchased vaccine that may have accidentally become mixed in with public vaccines. Neither providers nor awardees will be able to key these items into a VTrckS return or inventory. Our advice is to contact the provider to determine if the NDC is from an individual component (such as vial or syringe) or on the vaccine package. If the NDC is on an individual component, the NDC on the order or return will need to be replaced to reflect the NDC on the vaccine package. If the NDC is a vaccine package NDC, then the vaccine is assumed to be a privately purchased vaccine and should be removed from the return and the box so that it is not returned to CDC's centralized distributor. It should then be disposed of by the provider as a privately purchased vaccine.


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