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Clinical Decision Support for Immunization (CDSi) Project Background

The Clinical Decision Support for Immunization (CDSi) Project

In an effort to harmonize the outcomes of existing CDS tools used by Health Information Systems, the Immunization Information System Support Branch (IISSB) at the CDC funded the Clinical Decision Support for Immunization (CDSi) project to develop new clinical decision aids for each vaccine preventable disease in accordance with ACIP recommendations:

  • Make it easier to develop and maintain immunization evaluation and forecasting products
  • Ensure a patient’s immunization status is current, accurate, consistent, and readily available
  • Increase the accuracy and consistency of immunization evaluation and forecasting
  • Improve the timeliness of accommodating new and changed ACIP recommendations

The ultimate goal of the project is to ensure that patients receive proper immunizations, i.e. "the right immunization at the right time."

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Expert Panel

As part of this project, an expert panel was formed in April 2011, consisting of SMEs and expert reviewers from:

  • CDC Public Health Informatics and Technology Program Office (PHITPO)
  • American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA)
  • Indian Health Service (IHS)
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors
  • HIS programs and vendors
  • Academic institutions

This panel was divided into the following three workgroups which met regularly to develop resources in support of this project’s goals:

  • Logic Specification Panel (LSP)– Developed the Logic Specification for ACIP Recommendations and Supporting Data, which capture ACIP recommendations in an unambiguous manner and improve both the uniform representation of vaccine decision guidelines, as well as the ability to automate vaccine evaluation and forecasting. Further information about the work of this panel can be found with the Logic Specification and Supporting Data.
  • Validation and Testing Panel (VTP)– Created the CDSi Testing Methodology and a collection of representative Test Cases and expected results which will be available for download and use by CDS implementers and testers to validate their evaluation and forecasting algorithms. The VTP used a methodology of systematically creating test cases focusing on the boundaries between valid and not valid vaccine doses administered. Together with the Logic Specification, these test cases can be used to exercise and improve the accuracy of local evaluation and forecasting engines. The methodology used by the VTP can serve as insight and a best practice guide in creating additional test cases in local environments.
  • Process, Communication and Sustainability Panel (PCSP)– Produced a Sustainability and Training Plan to ensure the long-term viability of the CDSi resources. The PCSP worked to establish a relationship and develop an efficient, timely, and effective communication process among ACIP, CDC SMEs, and those maintaining CDS engines. The group identified an EIPB liaison who addresses questions from the panelists and supports recommendations of the project. The group formulated a strategic two-way communication and training plan that supports the initial release of the Logic Specification to the public as well as ensures effective information dissemination and knowledge-building over time. The long-term communication process will ensure a means for those maintaining CDS engines to obtain clarifications regarding the ACIP schedule as required, and the User Training will assist in the initial implementations of the CDSi resources. To register for training, complete this survey.
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