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Tips for Coaches: Defending Your Goals!

You smoke, you choke.

  • Staying smoke-free gives you more stamina and makes you an asset to your team. The only thing you'll be smoking is defenders.
  • Smoking slows down lung growth and reduces lung function. That can leave you gulping for air when you need it most!

Throughout America, 3,900 young people will start smoking every day. Of these, 1,000 or more will die prematurely of a tobacco-related disease.

  • Identify a group of 20 kids. Have six or seven of those kids stand up to indicate who will die from tobacco use.

Tobacco Free Scoccer

Three out of four teens who are daily smokers say they keep smoking because it’s really hard to quit. Why be hooked on nicotine when you can be hooked on sports? Aren't you already hooked on breathing?

Have youth hold their breath for 45 seconds.

  • After 30 seconds, they will feel how a smoker feels after running the length of a soccer field.
  • After 40 seconds, they will feel how a smoker feels after running twice the length of the soccer field


Campaigns and Multimedia

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