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Reasons to Quit

Real Stories on the Health Effects of Smoking


Bill quit smoking before he turned 40, but not before losing a leg, kidney function, and the sight in one eye.

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Terrie, a former smoker, was diagnosed with oral cancer at the age of 40. Later, treatments for throat cancer caused her to lose her teeth and hair, and to have a laryngecotomy.

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Tiffany: You Don't Just Quit for Yourself

Tiffany talks about losing her mother, a smoker, to lung cancer when she was 16. Despite this, Tiffany smoked for years before realizing what she might miss in her own daughter's life. In this video, Tiffany's daughter, Jaelin, says she cannot imagine living without her mother. Jaelin goes on to tell her mom how proud she is of her for quitting smoking for good.

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