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May: Mother's Day

A Time to Think About the Importance of Good Health for Moms and Their Children

Mothers want to do everything possible to help their children develop into healthy adults. This month, CDC urges mothers to protect themselves and their children from the dangers of tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke and also encourages family members to support moms in maintaining a tobacco-free life.

Resources for Tobacco Prevention and Control

The following products and resources are available to encourage moms who smoke to quit and to provide support to mothers who can protect their children from secondhand smoke.

  • Feature Article
    Celebrate Moms Who Protect Children's Health
    This article encourages moms who smoke to quit. It also provides supportive information to mothers who can protect their kids from secondhand smoke.
  • Button
    States and partners can upload this button (available in various sizes) to their Web sites to help promote the Mother's Day cessation message and to link users to related content on this Web site.

Tips Campaign Highlights How Moms Take Charge of Their Health

CDC's Tips From Former Smokers campaign features a variety of real people who are suffering from smoking-related illnesses. By showing people whose lives have been impacted by the damage caused by smoking, CDC hopes to encourage smokers to quit and to strongly discourage smoking around children. Meet the moms featured in the Tips campaign:

  • Meet Tiffany, a 35-year-old mother who quit smoking for her daughter.
  • Meet Terrie, a 52-year-old grandmother who quit smoking for her grandchildren.
  • Meet Jessica, a mother who protects her 7-year-old son Aden from secondhand smoke which can trigger severe asthma attacks.

Support to Quit

The following free resources are available to help smokers quit.

  • 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)
    Smokers can get free support and advice from experienced counselors, a personalized quit plan, self-help materials, the latest information about cessation medications, and more.
  • is the Department of Health and Human Services' comprehensive Web site providing one-stop access to tobacco-related information from across its agencies. This consolidated resource includes general information on tobacco as well as federal and state laws and policies, health statistics, and evidence-based methods on how to quit.
  • provides free, accurate, evidence-based information and professional assistance to help support the immediate and long-term needs of people trying to quit smoking.
  • SmokefreeWomen provides free, accurate, evidence-based information and professional assistance to help support the immediate and long-term needs of women trying to quit smoking.
  • Quit Tobacco: is a Department of Defense-sponsored Web site for military personnel and their families.
  • Help for Smokers and Other Tobacco Users: Quit Smoking is an easy-to-read guide issued by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.
  • SfT (SmokefreeTeen) is a site devoted to helping teens quit smoking.
  • SmokefreeTXT is a teen texting program.
  • is a Spanish-language quitting site.
  • How to Quit provides more useful information from CDC to help you quit.