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2002 National STD Conference - Primary & Secondary Syphilis Rates by City: 2000 vs. 1999


This web page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being updated.

No.CityCases, 2000Rate per
100,000 Population
Rate per
100,000 Population
1.Nashville, Tenn.20037.747.2-20.1%
2.Indianapolis, In.30137.150.2-26.1%
3.Baltimore, Md.21834.538.9-11.3%
4.Memphis, Tenn.24628.229.6-4.7%
5.Detroit, Mich.27421.915.145.0%
6.Oklahoma City, Ok.8220.027.8-28.1%
7.Norfolk, Va.3716.48.984.3%
8.Atlanta, Ga.11615.628.6-45.5
9.Newark, N.J.289.97.826.9%
10.Chicago, Ill.2929.89.53.2%
11.Louisville, Ky.578.510.0-15.0%
12.*San Francisco, Ca.537.13.982.1%
13.Washington, D.C.377.18.7-18.4%
14.Charlotte, N.C.456.98.2-15.9%
15.San Juan, P.R.686.55.812.1%
16.Phoenix, Az.1726.06.8-11.8%
17.*Miami, Fl.1265.83.852.6%
18.*San Antonio, Tex.674.92.3113.0%
19.Dallas, Tex.1004.87.3-34.2%
20.New Orleans, La.224.811.1-56.8%
P&S Syphilis Rate per 100,000 for United States:2.2

*Not among the 20 most affected cities in 1999

The following cities were among the 20 most affected cities in 1999, but were not in 2000:

Tulsa (2.1 rate in 2000, 11.7 rate in 1999, -82.1% change)
St. Louis (3.3 rate in 2000,15.3 rate in 1999, -78.4% change)
Richmond (2.6 rate in 2000, 6.9 rate in 1999, -62.3% change)