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2002 National STD Conference - Poster Abstracts - Table of Contents

P1 - Prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis (Ct) in a Commercially Insured Population - J Armstrong, S Leeds-Richter, H Sangi-Haghpeykar

P2 - Get Tested! Chlamydia Screening Projects in Non-Traditional Settings in California - M Chartier, M Little, M Brammeier, HM Bauer, R Neiman, Get Tested! Project Managers, G Bolan

P3 - Chlamydia Testing in a Public Healthcare System Before and After Implementation of Screening Guidelines - G Alfonsi, J Shlay, T Dam, J Douglas, A Davidson

P4 - Risk Factors for Asymptomatic Chlamydia trachomatis Infection Among Young Women Enlisting in the US Navy - M Ryan, L Evans, J McKeehan

P5 - Prevalence and Correlates of Chlamydia trachomatis in Sexually Active African-American Adolescent Females - KM Williams, GM Wingood

P6 - Pilot Evaluation of the Soundex Function for the Region VIII Infertility Prevention Project (IPP) - Y Hamby, H Hughes, E Ansara

P7 - How Often Should Young Women Be Screened for Chlamydia trachomatis in a Moderate-Prevalence Area? - JK Chaw, CK Kent, JD Klausner

P8 - Examining Selective Chlamydia Screening Criteria for Women over Age 25 - V Loo, E Ciemins, J Chow, M Brammeier, H Bauer, P Kerndt, G Bolan.

P9 - Randomized Trial Comparing Different Outreach Strategies for Chlamydia Screening - L Asbel, R Jeanette , M Goldberg, P Whittaker, K Armstrong, D Vojta, C Johnson

P10 - Impact of Targeted Screening and Treatment of Asymptomatic Males for Chlamydia trachomatis on Female Morbidity - M Eberhart, L Asbel, M Goldberg, R Small

P11 - Expanding Chlamydia Awareness and Health Care Seeking Among At-Risk Males - KL Gudgel, S Hartman, M Stenger, M Aubin, L Klopfenstein

P12 - Gonorrhea Prevalence and Co-infection with Chlamydia in Women Seen in Family Planning Clinics - L Dicker, D Mosure, S Berman, W Levine, and Regional Infertility Prevention Program

P13 - Results of a Urine-Based Gonorrhea (GC) and Chlamydia (CT) Screening Program for High-Risk Adolescents in Monroe County - K McMahon, M Urban, P Coury-Doniger, M Scahill, J Leger

P14 - Multiple Sexually Transmitted Infections Within Sexual Dyads - B Van Der Pol, JA Williams, BE Batteiger, JD Fortenberry, DP Orr, Julie Shilliager

P15 - Ciprofloxacin-Resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Southern California, 2000–2001: Are Men Who Have Sex with Men at Greater Risk? - HM Bauer, A Vannier, D Moore

P16 - Characteristics of Patients Infected with Ciprofloxacin-Resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae, in the Continental United States, 1994-2000 - S Conner, S Wang

P17 - Gonorrhea Screening Practices, Strategies, and Guideline Development for Non-Pregnant Female Patients in a Managed Care Setting - H Chaney, M Chartier, H Bauer, R Neiman, N Kang, R Baxter, G Bolan

P18 - Gonorrhea Surveillance: Estimating Epidemiologic and Clinical Characteristics of Reported Cases Using a Sample Survey Methodology, San Diego County, 2001 - K Mark, A Arroyo, R Gunn

P19 - Trends in Gonorrhea in Canada, 1994–2001 - L Hansen, T Wong

P20 - Increases in Gonorrhea Among Vulnerable Populations: Obstacles to Disease Intervention - SJ Shapiro, S Downes

P21 -Patterns of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (Ng) Antimicrobial Susceptibility Among Female Sex Workers in Manado, Indonesia - MR Joesoef, JS Moran, A Karundeng, C Runtupalit, M Lesmana, JS Lewis, CA Ryan

P22 - High Rate of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Among Women with Intrauterine Devices (IUD) in Manado, Indonesia - MR Joesoef, A Karundeng, C Runtupalit, JS Moran, JS Lewis, CA Ryan

P23 - Characteristics Associated with Vaginal Douching Among Young Women: Results from the 2000 California Women’s Health Survey - R Gindi, MS Kang , JM Chow , B Davis , G Bolan

P24 - Vaginal Douching Behaviors Then and Now: Has Anything Changed? - JS Merchant, MK Oh, P Brown, E Funkhouser, M Boschulte, E Beatty, S Howard

P25 - Why Do Adolescent Women Start and Continue to Douche? - JS Merchant, MK Oh, PR Brown

P26 - Early Onset of Douching is Associated With False Beliefs and High-Risk Behaviors - MK Oh, J Merchant, P Brown, E Funkhouser, E Beatty, M Boschulte, S Howard, T Simpson

P27 - Douching Behavior in Three Different Samples of Women - PR Brown, MK Oh, J Merchant, E Funkhouser, E Beatty, Mary Boschulte, J Frederick, T Simpson, S Howard

P28 - Initiating Efforts to Change Sexual Health Norms in National Organizations: Project of the STD Prevention Partnership - M Revels, JA Lipshutz, M Anderson, A Alexander, V Harrison, C Lewis and the STD Prevention Partnership

P29 - Concurrency and STD in New Sexual Partnerships - PM Gorbach, L Drumright, KK Holmes

P30 - Preventive and Risk Behaviors Among Young Black Women Receiving STD Testing Services, Dallas, 1999–2001 - KM Sabin, G Secura, S Behel, D Shehan

P31 - Substance Abuse Problems Among New York City Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic Patients, 2000 - PW Appel, R Piculell, HK Jansky, K Griffy, L Neylans, S Rubin, S Blank

P32 - Willingness to Pay for a Contraceptive/Safer Sex Services Health Insurance Benefit - A Kurth, M Weaver, D Lockhart

P33 - Impact of HIV-Prevention Counseling on Intended Risk-Reduction Behavior - L Brooks, C Metcalf, R Francis, J Douglas, S Padilla, B Dillon, H Cross

P34 - Gender Differences in Chlamydia Awareness and STD Health Care Seeking: Results From The 2000 California Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System - R Gindi, JM Chow, J Lifshay, B Davis, H Bauer, MC Samuel, G Bolan

P35 - Gender Differentials in the Extent of Knowledge About RTI and STI in India: Evidence from RCH-RHS - RK Sharma and R Ranjan

P36 - Oral Sex and Other High-Risk Behaviors - A Pierce, E Koumans, M Sawyer, J Papp, C Black, L Markowitz

P37 - America Online Perpetuates Syphilis and Gonorrhea Transmission in San Francisco - JD Klausner, A Kim, C Kent

P38 - The Relationship Between Number of Sexual Partners and Receiving an Annual Medical Exam Among Latino Adolescents: Modifying Role of Acculturation - OL Sarmiento, WC Miller, CA Ford

P39 - Stage of Change for Sexual Risk Reduction in HIV-Infected Clients at a Sexually Transmitted Diseases Clinic - M Urban, K McMahon, R Polito, M Scahill, K Berkhoudt, P McGrath, P Coury-Doniger

P40 - Assessment Instruments Affect Sexually Transmitted Disease Knowledge Levels - J Lambert, SD Barger

P41 - Three Year Follow-Up of Documentation and Self-Report of STD History Among Minority Women with STD - JD Champion, RN Shain, JM Piper, S Perdue

P42 - Relative Impact of Increased Condom Use Versus Increased Abstinence on STD and HIV Prevalence - JR Mann, CC Stine

P43 - A Sexual Risk Reduction Intervention for Incarcerated Women - N Liddon, JS St Lawrence, M Hogben

P44 - Screening for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) in the Correctional Setting: Targeting Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) - D Carr, D Kodagoda, M Campos Bovee, A Lawrence, P Kerndt

P45 - STD Interventions in Large County Jail Facilities: Phoenix, Arizona - P Powers, G Steinhauser, J Weisbuch

P46 - Modeling the STD Risk Behaviors of Imprisoned U.S. Women - M Hogben, JS St. Lawrence, G Eldridge, MH Hennessy

P47 - Urine-Based Chlamydia Screening of Young Men in State and Local Juvenile Detention Facilities—Prevalence Variations in Oregon and Washington, 1998–2000 - DS LaMontagne, LE Patrick

P48 - Monitoring STD, HIV, and TB Prevalence in Persons Entering Corrections Facilities - RH Kahn, SP Danner, T Raziano, K Hutchins, J Ford, K Middleton, M Fobbs, A Spalding, P Powers, T Outlin, C Hyer, CK Kent, SJN McNabb

P49 - Incarceration and Community-Level Sexually-Transmitted Diseases Rates in North Carolina Counties - LA Sampson, JC Thomas

P50 - Sentinel STD Surveillance Among Incarcerated MSM - M Campos Bovee, D Kodagoda, J Chen, D Carr, P Kerndt

P51 - Self-Reported HIV Status and Risk Factors Among Incarcerated Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) - C Higgins, D Kodagoda, D Carr, M Bovee, J Chen, P Kerndt

P52 - Prevalence and Indicators of Chlamydia trachomatis Infections Among Men in Massachusetts Correctional Facilities and STD clinics - M Nguyen, S Ratelle, M Whelan, P Etkind, B Dumas, Y Tang, P Rocheford

P53 - Description of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Screening Among Juveniles in Essex County, NJ Juvenile Facility, January 2000–December 2000 - D Ivanov

P54 - Incentive Program to Increase Voluntary Syphilis Screening in a County Correctional Facility - G Nowels, T Chrestoff, H Scaife

P55 - Project Connect: Enhanced HIV and Syphilis Counseling and Testing Services in a Correctional Population - VP Jones, G Olthoff, S Brunson, M Ward, B Stanton

P56 - Assessment of the Utility of Routine Screening for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae in a Juvenile Detention Facility: San Bernardino County, California - RK Spencer, ED Peace, A Haro-Garcia, HR Cockerill, JG Nevarez, AF Taylor, RE Zane, EK Frykman, TJ Prendergast, GR Greene

P57 - One-Time Money: It Can Make a Difference - D Coleman, M Krempasky, K Dorian, M Headlee

P58 - Prevalence of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Among Females in a Juvenile Detention Facility, Honolulu, Hawaii - A Katz, M Lee, R Ohye, J Oshiro, J Tomas, N Chun, R Atienza

P59 - Azithromycin as a Cost-Saving Alternative to Penicillin G Benzathine for Treatment of Incubating Syphilis in Exposed Contacts - J Blandford, T Gift

P60 - A Cost-Effective, Targeted, Capacity Expansion of HIV/AIDS Services in Substance Abuse Treatment Agencies - P Tambe, R Lewis-Hardy, V Hartwell, J Creighton, L Allen, A Troutman, D Daniels

P61 - Cost-Effectiveness of Universal Screening for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Among Inmates in United States Jails - J Kraut, A Haddix, R Greifinger, K Irwin

P62 - CLIA Waived vs Moderately Complex Rapid HIV Testing: How Much Will it Cost? - DL Sykes, BM Branson, SR Truax

P63 - HIV Testing with Oral Fluids and Rapid Tests is More Effective and Less Costly - F Spielberg, S Jackson, B Varghese, B Branson, SD Reed, G Goldbaum, SD Sullivan

P64 - Acceptance of Alternate HIV Counseling and Testing Strategies (Rapid, Oral Fluid, and Optional versus Standard Counseling) - F Spielberg, BM Branson, GM Goldbaum, A Rossini, D Lockhart, A Kurth, RW Wood

P65 - Development and Application of a Rapid Sensitive/Less-Sensitive Testing Strategy to Ascertain HIV Incident Cases - N Constantine, A Sill, N Jack, F Cleghorn, K Kreisel, J Edwards, T Cafarella, H Smith, C Bartholomew, W Blattner

P66 - HIV Assays Move to the Next Generation: Rapid Confirmation of Infection - N Constantine, F Ketema, K Kreisel

P67 - How Well Do Rapid HIV Tests Detect Seroconverters? - B Branson, N Meredith, J Mei, H Hannon

P68 - Accuracy of Newer Rapid Tests for HIV Antibody - B Branson, A Uniyal, C Fridlund, T Granade, P Kerndt

P69 - Quality Control for HIV Rapid Tests - J Mei, N Meredith, D Kothe, B Branson, WH Hannon

P70 - Effect of Testing Site on Client Satisfaction with Rapid HIV Tests - A Uniyal, LV Smith, B Branson, B Bolan, T Horton, JL Chen, T Woerhrle, P Kerndt

P71 - New York State’s Experience with Assessment of Waived Testing and PPMP Practices: Are We Ready for Waived HIV Antibody Tests? - LM Clarke, R Jenny, S Shulman, A Reilly, C Olsen

P72 - Trends in STD Diagnostic Technologies in California, 1996-2000 - G Gould, M Kang, T Bobo, H Bauer, J Montes, R Tulloch, G Bolan, M Samuel

P73 - Performance of the Gen-Probe® APTIMA® Combo 2 Semi-Automated Assay for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae on the DTS 1600 (Direct Tube Sampling) System - DH Green, DA Reed

P74 - The Lack of Sensitivity of the Leukocyte Esterase Test (LET) in Detecting Chlamydial Infections in Men Entering Jails in Massachusetts - S Ratelle, M Nguyen, M Whelan, P Etkind, B Dumas, Y Tang, P Rocheford

P75 - Evaluation of Vaginal Swab Specimens in the APTIMA® Combo 2 Assay for Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (GC) - M Mauricio, M Bott, M Castillo, S Turner, J Shaw

P76 - Comparison of Cytological Cervical Figures in Women with or without Infection from HIV - C Pavia, P Piselli, M Peroni, M L Schiavone, N Orchi, G Pontani, S Calcaterra, P Pietrobattista, S Zaniratti, A Spanó, D Serraino, MR Capobianchi, G Ippolito

P77 - Strain Typing of Neisseria gonorrhoeae Isolates by Pulsed-Field Gel Electrophoresis and Automated Ribotyping - S Rolando, M Whelan, J Fontana, A Foley, H George

P78 - Comparison of Two Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests to Culture for the Detection of Pharyngeal Neisseria gonorrhoeae - D Campbell, M Ishida, C Madayag, A Soohoo, V Zapitz, S Liska

P79 - Implications of Chlamydia Test Specificity for Screening Guidelines for Older Women - C Kent, J Chow, H Bauer, M Brammeier, M Funabiki, G Bolan, P Blackburn

P80 - Comparison of Specimen-Processing Procedures and Preliminary Data on Performance of the ROCHE COBAS PCR to Detect Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) in Rectal Specimens - MR Golden, SG Astete, CW Celum, WHL Whittington, KK Holmes, WE Stamm, PA Totten

P81 - Comparison of Confirmatory Methods for Syphilis: EIA, TP-PA, and FTA - S Crowe, D Willis, Z Mulla, S Terry

P82 - ¡ Qué Siga la Tradición! Incorporating Cultural Values in Latino Youth STD Education - L Shapiro, M Stalker, Y Polanco, K Scanlon

P83 - Internet as Health Educator: What Do Teens Wanna Know About STDs? - J Temby, L Gilbert, and J Short

P84 - Of Mice and Mail: Starting a Regional STD E-mail Newsletter - J Fitch, J Douglas, T Anderson, T Lee

P85 - Promoting Comprehensive Prevention Efforts Through Community Outreach - R Zimmerman, C Finley, D Durbin

P86 - Using Visual Print Media to Modify Behavior of Communities Disproportionately Affected by Syphilis with a Message Testing Campaign - V Hartwell, E Cameron, M Allen, Y Holiday, C Perez-Espinoza, A Lomax, R Lewis-Hardy, A Troutman, D Daniels

P87 - Item Non-Response to A-CASI Sexual Health Interviews in a Primary Care Clinic - JD Fortenberry, M McFarlane

P88 - STD Education Needs on Campus: Opening the Door to Collaboration - C Burke, P Etkind

P89 - Involving all Sectors of the Society in Effective STD Educational Programs - IL George Jr

P90 - Initiatives to Encourage Individuals to Attend for STI Screening - P-A Mardh1, D Hellberg

P91 - Assessment of a Computer-Based Interactive STD Prevention Educational Intervention for Adolescents - KK Hsu, DM Hoffman, PQ Sheehan, CM Zuckerman, AJ Santana, D Christiansen, PG Braslins

P92 - How Did We Get Here?: Formative Research for the Development of Health Communication Materials for National Plan to Eliminate Syphilis from the U.S. - S Hornston, D Anderson, H Shepeard

P93 - Health Protective Sexual Communication Scale in STD Clinics - J Yasuda, P Gorbach, L Drumright, KK Holmes

P94 - Increase Access to STD Care Through Using Morbidity to Locate Clinical Services - N Burns, B Farrell, P Briggs, W Dumas

P95 - An Evaluation of Reporting of Laboratory-Confirmed Gonorrheal and Chlamydial Infections by Providers Affiliated with Three Large Managed Care Organizations, 1995–1999 - M Stiffman, P Carr, D Yokoe, R Platt, R Blair, L Martino, S Ratelle, Y Tang, M Whelan, P Etkind, D Magid, E Lyons, C Loftin, G Tao, K Irwin

P96 - Leading Barriers to STD Care in Two Managed Care Organizations: Final Results of a Survey of Primary Care Clinicians - K Irwin, L Anderson, M Stiffman, D Magid, T DeFor, AL Crain

P97 - Incidence of STDs Among Sex Workers and Their Partners: Testing in Non-Traditional Settings - L Nicholson

P98 - Expectations of STD Clinic Patients Regarding STD Screening - K Kroeger1, R Knaup2, M Williams2, B Stoner

P99 - A Comparison of Community-Based Organizations’ Medical and Preventive Services for HIV/STDs to Morbidity Rates in Baltimore City - B. Glass, G. Mitchell, I. Chinea, J. Michaud, J.Ellen

P100 - STD Screening and Diagnostic Testing Policies Among Primary Care Practices in Wake County, North Carolina - M Smurzynski, T Moran, TQ Nguyen, TH Cohen, K Irwin, KK Fox, R Barnes, PA Leone, WC Miller

P101 - Innovations in Quality: a Pilot Review of an Integrated Reproductive Health Record in Delaware - MT Hogan, R McKenna, RJ Coppola, T Kariem-White, S Bonu, K O’Connor, J Welch, D Mann, AM Rompalo

P102 - Results of a Patient Satisfaction Survey in an STD Clinic - L Lamprecht

P103 - Performance Measurement of the National STD Program: Identification of Candidate Measures to be Pilot Tested - SM Berman

P104 - Logic Models: A Roadmap for Program Evaluation Planning - B Apt, K Childers

P105 - Partner Notification and Medication Delivery Intentions in Substance Abusers Screened for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia - PG Braslins, JM Liebschutz, EP Finley, D Christiansen, JH Samet

P106 - Contact Tracing Sexual Partners from Infected and Non-Infected Research Subjects - C Kennel, D Orr, B Batteiger, JD Fortenberry

P107 - Randomized Trial of Supplementary Interviewing Techniques to Enhance Recall of Sexual Partners in Contact Interviews - DD Brewer, JJ Potterat, SQ Muth, PZ Malone, PA Montoya, DA Green, HL Rogers, LA Plummer, T Maldonado, S Hurlbutt, D Dorobiala, P Cox

P108 - Integrating Partner Notification into HIV Reporting: The New York State Experience - R Thomas, FB Coles, HIV Reporting Workgroup

P109 - Methods and Effectiveness of Partner Notification of Syphilis Patients Attending STD Clinic in Shenzhen - H Zhou, H Dai, L Shi

P110 - Building and Mobilizing Community Partnerships in the Inner City, Bronx, New York, 2000 - M Freeman, D Hazel, G Stover, D Arthur, R Fishlowitz, R Friedman, S Blank

P111 - A Faith-Based Response to STD Programs: The PETRA Model - JA Johnson

P112 - Working as a Community: How Public Health Can Partner with Business - M Headlee, M Krempasky, J Finley, C Cameron, C Thomas, M Carlock, K Dorian

P113 - Collaborative Efforts for Prevention/Screening of STD’s - M Rowser, K Bawel

P114 - Going to the Chapel: Assessment of STD and HIV Prevention Needs Among Faith-Based Organizations in the Chicago Area - B Ford Lattimore, D Broussard, J Johnson

P115 - Trends in Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Hospitalizations and Ambulatory Visits, United States, 1985–1999 - MY Sutton, M Sternberg, A Zaidi, M St. Louis, W Levine

P116 - Endometritis Does Not Predict Long-Term Outcomes Following Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - CL Haggerty, RB Ness, DE Soper , RL Holley, J Peipert, H Randall, RL Sweet, SJ Sondheimer, SL Hendrix, A Amortegui, G Trucco, T Songer, JR Lave, SL Hillier, SF Kelsey, for the PID Evaluation and Clinical Health (PEACH) Study Investigators

P117 - Predicting Pregnancy Risk in Women Attending an STD Clinic - JC Shlay, B Mayhugh, M Foster, ME Maravi

P118 - Assessment of STD Prenatal Screening Rates in Maine - J Gunderman-King, SJ Shapiro, P Kuehnert

P119 - Azithromycin for Chlamydial Infection in Pregnancy - S Guerry, M Rhew, M Kang, R Baxter, H Bauer, G Bolan

P120 - Assessment of Prenatal Syphilis Screening and Factors Influencing Likelihood of Screening in a High Morbidity Area – Marion County, Indiana, 1999 - D DiOrio Rekas, J Arno, C Langley, A Goldsmith; S Fiorini, M McLaughlin

P121 - Congenital Syphilis Prevention Practices of Obstetrician-Gynecologists, and Delivering Hospitals in Florida, 2001 - J Dettis, K Schmitt, P Moncrief and S Shiver

P122 - North Carolina’s HIV Perinatal Provider’s Partnership - JM Owen-O’Dowd, EM Foust, K Troccoli

P123 - Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Antenatal Clinic Attendants in Cameroon - PM Ndumbe, W Eseme, E Asonganyi, A Adimora

P124 - Barriers to Screening Adolescents for Chlamydia During Health Supervision Pediatric Visits in a Large HMO - S Brown, R Pantell, K Tebb, M Shafer, J Kaplan, A Gyamfi, S Cruz, C Wibbelsman

P125 - Characterizing High School Males and Their Sex Partners - N Willard, A Joffe, C Gaydos, G Waterfield, J Ellen

P126 - Communicating with Adolescents for Optimal Care: Practical Techniques for Primary Care Providers - E Fishburn, S Ball-Garza

P127 - Baja California and California Syphilis Elimination Project - P Cleary, G Kennedy, R Lozada, P Quijada, G Rutherford, M Samuel, G Bolan, S Waterman

P128 - An Assessment of STD Services in California’s Migrant and Rural Clinics - J Miller, R Gindi, H Bauer, G Bolan

P129 - STD Lay Health Advisors for Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers: A Feasibility Study - FR Bloom, K Kroeger

P130 - Parece que va a Llover…Compadre, Ponte el Sombrero [It Looks Like Rain . . . Put On Your Hat, My Friend]: An HIV/STD Risk Awareness Fotonovela for Latino Immigrant Day Laborers - D Y Estremera, M Arevalo, J Armbruster

P131 - Sexually Transmitted Disease Risk Behaviors among California Agricultural Workers – Results from a Population-Based Survey - M Brammeier, G Gould, J Miller, J Chow, D Lighthall, G Bolan

P132 - Examining Risk Factors Associated with HIV Among Men Who Have Sex in California - DS Webb, SR Truax

P133 - Uncovering STD Concerns of Men Who Have Sex with Men - D Thomas, KM Ford

P134 - Creating Alliances Between Venues Attracting MSM and STD Prevention Programs - R Smith, J Brown, S Blank

P135 - Syphilis Among Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in Miami–Dade County, Florida - R Bronzan, L Echavarria, J Hermida, M Trepka, T Burns, K Fox

P136 - Predictors of STD Testing and Incidence Among African-American and White Men Who Have Sex with Men ( MSM) - DJ McKirnan, M Tolou-Shams, J Flynn, B Hope, L Branch

P137 - Many Men, Many Voices: A Science-Based Prevention Intervention for Gay Men of Color (GMOC) - M Scahill, P McGrath, K Berkhoudt, G English, J Morgan, M Urban, P Coury-Doniger

P138 - Syphilis Awareness at New York City’s Gay Pride Fest, 2001 - J Brown, M Freeman, R Friedman, S Blank

P139 - Factors Related to STD Risk Among Women Who Have Sex with Women (WSW) - M Tolou-Shams, DJ McKirnan, KM Dyslin, B Wilson, B Hope, L Branch

P140 - STD Screening of Actors in the Adult Entertainment Industry: Alternative Testing Opportunities to Detect and Treat STDs - D Kodagoda, M Boudov, S Mitchell, G Smietana, P Kerndt

P141 - Changing Socio-Demographic Characteristics and Declining Trends in HIV Infection and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) in Female Sex Workers (FSWs) in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, 1992-2000 - M Diarrassouba, V Ettiégne-Traoré

P142 - Health Indicators among Low-Income Sex Workers: The Population-Based Northern California Young Women’s Survey - DL Cohan, A Kim, W McFarland

P143 - Indigenous People of India are More Prone to HIV/AIDS, Evident From NFHS-II - R Nainakwal

P144 - Recent STD/Hepatitis Diagnoses Reported by HIV Counseling and Testing Clients in California - C Heusner, S Truax

P145 - Standard Risk Assessment (SRA) and Screening for Syphilis, Gonorrhea (GC), and Chlamydia (CT) Among HIV-Infected Patients Receiving Medical Care - C Rietmeijer, J Landrigan, D Britt, P Gourley, W Burman

P146 - STDs in an HIV World: Preliminary Results of the STD/HIV Integrated Prevention Services (SHIPS) Project in Los Angeles County - M Campos Bovee, D Kodagoda, H Rotblatt, A Narayanan, P Kerndt

P147 - Evaluating HIV/Syphilis Prevention Mass Media Campaign Targeting Puerto Rican Women in Childbearing Ages, 2000–2001 - AM Lugo, LM Soltero, MM Ayala, J Molina

P148 - Current STD Infection and HIV Testing: A Case-Control Study - M Smurzynski, WC Miller, T Moran, K Irwin, KK Fox, R Barnes, PA Leone

P149 - An Educational Initiative Between the STD and HIV Program Leads to an Increased Utilization of the STD Services - T Bertrand, M Gosciminski, F Tedino, L Martin

P150 - Program Assessment and Review (PAAR): A Comprehensive STD/HIV Program Evaluation Tool - C Campbell

P151 - STD Clinic Samples and High-Risk Community Samples: A Comparison - P Du, LA McNutt, R Thomas, FB Coles

P152 - An Exploration into Geographic Clustering Using STD Surveillance System Information - JJ Jennings, F Curriero, JM Ellen

P153 - Increased Surveillance for Chlamydia When Adding Urine-Based Testing to a School-Based Screening System - MM Vukovich, KA Haglund, S Wang, R McDonald

P154 - Integration of Separate Data Sets Within a State Health Department - B Laffoon, T Beers, R Hamm

P155 - Using Lorenz Curves to Evaluate Spatial Patterns in STDs - O Devine

P156 - Comparative Geographic and Population Concentration of Four STDs - RP Kerani, HH Handsfield, MS Handcock, KK Holmes

P157 - Enhanced Surveillance and Epidemiologic Trends of Syphilis in California - MC Samuel, T Lo, G Gould, R Tulloch, K Bernstein, G Bolan

P158 - Surveillance for Repeat Gonorrhea Infection, San Diego, California, 1995–2000: Establishing Definitions and Methods - A Maroufi, R Gunn, K Fox

P159 - Analysis of Gonorrhea Surveillance Data - AA Zaidi

P160 - Evaluating the Reality of Disease Prevention Practice: Matching HIV Surveillance and STD Databases - J Harms, R Rogers

P161 - Evaluation of a Syphilis Surveillance System–San Francisco 2000 - W Wong, C Kent, R Kohn, W Wolf, L Fischer, J Klausner

P162 - Using Automated Systems to Obtain Accurate Data, Track Behavior Change, and Identify Program Needs - E Benet

P163 - Electronic System for Rapid Initiation, Transfer, and Tracking of Syphilis Investigations on High-Priority Reactive Serological Test Results - A Studzinski, S Holmes

P164 - Assessing the California Syphilis Reactor Grid from Surveillance Data, California, 2000-2001 - T Lo, M Samuel, G Gould, R Tulloch, S Coulter, R Kohn, G Bolan

P165 - Changes in the Epidemiology of Syphilis in New York City, 1999-2001 - G Paz-Bailey, A Meyers, L Markowitz, J Brown, S Rubin, S Blank

P166 - A New Approach to Program Evaluation: Statewide Review of Early-Latent Syphilis for Diagnostic Criteria - P Moncrief, S Shiver, D Cordova, K Schmitt, D George, L Roberts, J Fletcher, M Powelson, JL Dettis

P167 - “Take It to the Streets”: Syphilis Screening in Non-Traditional Venues - J Scott, M Eisenberg, A Muriera, E Spender-Smith, L Carnicom

P168 - Silently Stressing Syphilis—Community Partnership of SEP Poster Dissemination in Cleveland, OH - T Chrestoff, G Nowels, H Scaife

P169 - Potential Impact of the National Plan to Eliminate Syphilis on HIV Incidence Rates Among African-Americans - HW Chesson, SD Pinkerton, R Voigt, GW Counts

P170 - Development and Implementation of a Syphilis Outbreak Response Plan: Houston Department of Health and Human Services and Community Partners - M Thomas

P171 - Obstacles Encountered in Syphilis Elimination Program Implementation - M Rollins, M Krempasky, K Dorian, B Radcliff, D Coleman

P172 - Year 2001 STD Training in the Pacific Island Jurisdictions of Ebeye, Chuuk and Yap: Lessons Learned - S Adler, H Calvet, M Little, S Schnare, G Bolan

P173 - To Train or Not To Train—That is the Question! - SL Harper, RB Heath, BJ Nolt, MJ Mitchell, M Scharbo-Dehaan

P174 - Launching Leadership: The ATPM/CDC STD Prevention Fellowship Program - RB Heath, M Scharbo-DeHaan, D Anderson

P175 - National Network of STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers (NNPTC) Training Activities and Student Characteristics, May 2000–April 2001 - K Koski, M Scharbo-DeHaan, F Barnes, B Heath

P176 - Partnerships in Practice: Standardized STD Curriculum in a Graduate Level Nurse Practitioner Program - S Kendig, D Rother, B Stoner

P177 - Development of a Visually Intuitive Disease Intervention Specialist Procedure Manual to Train Staff & Promote Consistency of Case Management & STD*MIS Data - D Brooks, N Thomas, C Kennel

P178 - Provider Awareness of Syphilis Reporting Requirements, New York City, 2001 - J Grayson, A Hernandez, B Parker, L Tarrantino, J Brown, S Blank

P179 - Assessment of STD Knowledge, Skills and Training Needs Among Infertility Prevention Providers (IPP) in New York State (NYS) - ML Newcomb, G Pozzi-Galluzi, SA Payette, A Muse

P180 - Health Educators’ Understanding of Risk in Sexually Transmitted Infections - MB Adam, VF Reyna, ME Walsh

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LB12 - Randomized Controlled Trial of Relapse Prevention (“Booster”) Counseling (RESPECT-2). - Metcalf CA, Dillon BA, DeAugustine N, Douglas JM, Paul SM, Young PA, Lindsey CA, Peterman TA The U.S. Government's Official Web PortalDepartment of Health and Human Services
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