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STD 101 in a Box –
Ready-to-Use Presentations

STD 101 in a Box

This resource is based on STD 101, a workshop at the 2012 National STD Prevention Conference in Minneapolis, MN. The workshop provided participants who had little or no STD Prevention experience a basic knowledge of STD Prevention so that they could actively participate in the conference. The purpose of STD 101 in a Box is to provide users with materials so that they may develop similar workshops. The downloadable materials may be customized for conferences, group discussions, and presentations.

Topics include STD clinical and behavioral information, HIV/STD inter-relationship, STD epidemiology, and STD Prevention program information. Potential users may include, but are not limited to, community-based organizations, public health departments, schools of public health, health educators, primary care providers, and Disease Intervention Specialists (DIS).

All materials provided are in the public domain. These materials may be reproduced without permission. You are also free to adapt and revise these materials to meet the needs of your organization; however, you must remove the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) name and logo if changes are made.

Support Documents

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See the User's Guide
for more information about these presentations and how they may be customized.

Document Files
Welcome Presentation  STD_101_Welcome.pdf
Common STDs: STD 101 for Clinicians Presentation STD-Common-Clinicians.pdf

The STD/HIV Inter-Relationship Presentation

Presentation on CHBT site

The STD/HIV Inter-Relationship Support Document

Support Document on CHBT site
Behavioral Interventions for STD Prevention Presentation Behaviorial-interventions.pdf
Current Epidemiology of Selected STDs Presentation STD-Epidemiology.pdf
STD Prevention Program: State and Local View Presentation State-Local-view.pdf
Closing Presentation STD-101-Closing.pdf

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Exercise & Video

See the User's Guide
for more information about the exercise and the video.

Document Files
Sex in the City, An Inside View Activity Activity Support Document on CHBT site
Sex in the City, An Inside View Script Sex in the City Script.htm (web page)
Sex in the City - Full video   SexInTheCity.qt [QT - 25 MB]
SexInTheCity.swf Flash file [SWF - 3 MB]
SexInTheCity.exe (program)
Sex in the City - Intro Introduction.qt [QT - 8 MB]
Intro.swf Flash file [SWF - 1 MB]
Intro.exe (program)
Sex in the City - Scene 1 Scene_1.qt [QT - 5 MB]
Scene1.swf Flash file [SWF - 511 KB]
Scene1.exe (program)
Sex in the City - Scene 2 Scene_2.qt [QT - 3 MB]
Scene2.swf Flash file [SWF - 445 KB]
Scene2.exe (program)
Sex in the City - Scene 3 Scene_3.qt [QT - 5 MB]
Scene3.swf Flash file [SWF - 473 KB]
Scene3.exe (program)
Sex in the City - Scene 4 Scene_4.qt [QT - 624 KB]
Scene4.swf Flash file [SWF - 622 KB]
Scene4.exe (program)

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Additional Resources

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Do you have comments or questions about the "STD 101 in a Box - Ready-to-Use Presentations?"  We welcome your feedback. E-mail us at:


We thank the National Network of STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers (PTCs) for their contributions to the development and review of these training materials.

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