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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions and answers will be regularly added to the FAQ; return here next time you have a question, prior to contacting STD*MIS Support, as your question may already be listed.  Your input for improving the FAQ is welcome.

Please choose from the issues listed to the right.  If your issue is not listed, please select General Issues.

General Issues

STD*MIS Back-up Process

  1. What files should I include in a back-up of STD*MIS?
  2. Can I compress the back-up to minimize the space it consumes on my computer, and what compression software do you suggest?
  3. STD*MIS is on a server that is being backed-up every night, should I still make a copy of the system myself?

Performance Issues

  1. What is the most common problem users have with STD*MIS?


Red Screen Messages

  1. What do I do when I keep getting a large red error message on the screen?

Data Entry Issues

Field and Interview Records

  1. Sometimes the lab and treatment information is missing from my field record or interview record but I know I put them in STD*MIS. Why does this happen?
  2. Sometimes the disease disappears from the interview record and I cannot modify or close it. What do I do?

Congenital Syphilis Entry

  1. I want to enter a congenital syphilis case on a baby, but the system is not allowing me to do so. What am I doing wrong?
  2. When I enter a congenital record, morbidity is automatically created for the baby, but I don't have access to the "imported" field. When the baby is born out of the state or county I would like to have the morbidity assigned to the outside jurisdiction.
  3. I have a congenital case on an adopted baby, but I donā€™t have any information on the mother. What should I do?

Third Party Issues

Advantage Database Server Software

  1. What is Advantage and how can it improve STD*MIS?
  2. I've installed Advantage on the server holding STD*MIS. How can I tell if the Advantage is running?

Corruption Detection

  1. Why would I need corruption software for use with STD*MIS?
  2. What corruption software can be used with STD*MIS and where can it be purchased?


  1. What is FDBU and who should use it?
  2. I need help understanding how to make changes using FDBU, does CDC provide support for this product?

Report Issues

Installing New or Modified Reports

  1. How do I install a new report into STD*MIS?
  2. How do I install a modified report into STD*MIS?

Updating the Report Menu

  1. How do I modify an existing entry on the Report Menu of STD*MIS?
  2. How do I create a new Report Menu Option in STD*MIS?
  3. If I copy the latest REPTMENU.DBF into STD*MIS (and overwrite the old one), will it delete any local changes I have made to the Report Menu?

Report Errors

  1. When a report fails before issuing results, how do I determine what caused the failure?
  2. Who should I contact whenever a report fails to complete it's analysis?

Understanding the Reports Bundled With STD*MIS

  1. I have to evaluate the accuracy of the reports STD*MIS generates, but I am having trouble determining how the reports accumulate the statistics.  Where can I find a guide to these reports?
  2. I would like to modify some of the reports in STD*MIS. What programming language is used to write these reports?
  3. Given the complexity of modifying the reports myself, as well as the monetary commitment, can CDC make modifications to these reports for me?

System Utilities Issues

Duplicate Patient Maintenance

  1. Working in a network environment, do I need exclusive access to STD*MIS to perform Duplicate Patient Maintenance?
  2. If I find that I have accidentally merged two patients that are not truly the same person, can I "unmerge" them?

Exporting Records

  1. How do I send a Year-To-Date NETSS file to CDC?
  2. When Should I create the weekly NETSS File for transmission to CDC?
  3. How do I export data in analysis format so that I can view patient data?
  4. I've noticed that when I do an export analysis file of my data, the numbers don't match what is on my hard copy reports, such as the 688 and 988 and 2638, and it also doesn't match my NETSS numbers. Why is that?

Importing Records

  1. The electronic lab and morbidity import functions in STD*MIS are password protected. What is the password?
  2. Will I have to remember the import password forever, or can I modify the password to suit my specific needs?

System Maintenance

  1. What is the purpose of running the Database QA Reports?
  2. How often should I run the Database QA Reports?
  3. What does Check System ID Number Files do?
  4. When I run the System Files Date/Time Check I get a list of my files that have different times (not dates) from what CDC has. What does this mean, should I download these files?
  5. When I run the System Files Date/Time Check I get an error description that says "Contact Atlanta". What causes the system to give me this message?
  6. When and how often should I re-index the STD*MIS system files?
  7. Where can I add Local Use Fields in STD*MIS?

Reference Files

  1. My state just reorganized our districts. How do I tell STD*MIS to denote these new classifications?
  2. What are the most important issues for staff who can add new cities to GEO_AREA.DBF?
  3. How often should I check my reference files for quality?

Printing Issues

  1. How do I print a field record or interview record if they were first printed to a file?
  2. Sometimes when I print from STD*MIS it does not come out the printer. What do I do?


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