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Intimate Partner Violence During Pregnancy, A Guide for Clinicians: Screen Show Presentation Index

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  1. Title Page
  2. Facts About Intimate Partner Violence 
  3. All Women Are at Risk 
  4. Window of Opportunity (Patient/Provider Interactions)
  5. Window of Opportunity (Women and Pregnancy) 
  6.     Intimate Partner 
  7.     Violence 
  8.     Physical Violence 
  9.     Sexual Violence 
  10.     Psychologic and Emotional Abuse 
  11. Coercive Control and Intimidation 
  12. Violence and Pregnancy (Prevalence) 
  13. Violence and Pregnancy (Common for Pregnant Women)
  14. Demographic and Psychosocial
    Risk Factors
  15. Possible Effects on Fetus
  16. Possible Risks for Children 
  17. Barriers to Screening 
  18. Use Your "RADAR" 
  19. Routinely Screen Every Patient 
  20. Components of Screening (Overview) 
  21. Review Medical History (General Indicators) 
  22. Review Medical History (Pregnancy-Related Factors) 
  23. Observe Woman's Behavior 
  24. Observe Partner's Behavior 
    Routine Screening 
  25. Ask Directly (Confidentiality and Reporting) 
  26. Ask Directly (How to Begin) 
  27. Open the Door 
  28. Abuse Assessment Screen 
  29. Abuse Assessment Screen (Questions 1 & 2) 
  30. Abuse Assessment Screen (Questions 3 & 4) 
  31. Additional Questions 
  32. Questions Not to Ask 
  33. Reasons for a "No" Response 
  34. Responding to "No" 
  35. Responding to "Yes" 
  36. Document Your Findings 
  37. Assess Patient's Safety 
  38. Components of a Safety Plan 
  39. Patient Options 
  40. Referrals 
  41. Referrals (continued) 
  42. National Toll-Free Hotlines 
  43. Collaborative Response 
  44. For More Information

Date last reviewed: 04/15/2013
Content source: Division of Reproductive Health, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

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