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Health Education Materials for Women and Men

This section of the Resource Center provides links to educational materials from the CDC and other organizations for women and men of childbearing age. A description accompanying each material provides more information about the material, such as intended audience and topics covered.

If you would like CDC to link to your organization’s materials for women and men, learn how to submit your request.


Becoming a Parent Preconception Checklist
A checklist of questions for men and women about preconception health, to be discussed with a health care provider.

How Healthy Are You? - Self Assessment
Quiz for women to evaluate their health and tips for staying healthy; available in English and Spanish.

My Life Plan Self-Assessment
A reproductive life plan for teen moms.

Preconception Health Screening & Tune-Up Form - Self-Assessment
Self-assessment for women to complete in order to guide discussions with a health care provider.

Reproductive Life Plan Worksheet
The Reproductive Life Plan Worksheet will help women, men, and couples think about their goals for having or not having children and how to achieve those goals.

Reproductive Life Plan Tool for Health Professionals
The Reproductive Life Plan Tool for health professionals contains questions and information that health professionals can use with their patients.


I Want My 9 Months
Flyer features Latina celebrity Thalia Sodi; informs women about the importance of a preconception checkup.

Preconception Health
One-page brochure with preconception health information.

Your Health Before Pregnancy
Tells women who want to become pregnant how to lay the foundation now for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Encourages readers to talk with their partner to develop a reproductive life plan, get enough folic acid, enjoy a healthy lifestyle, get regular checkups, and avoid hazardous substances.

Fact Sheets

9 Things to Do Before Getting Pregnant
Wallet card features 9 things a woman can do before pregnancy. Also includes questions a woman should ask her provider at a preconception checkup.

Good Health Before Pregnancy: Preconception Care Frequently Asked Questions
Features frequently asked questions and glossary of terms.

Healthier Lifestyles for Family Planning
Preconception health care information and resources.

Preconception Care: Things to do Before you Become Pregnant
4-page fact sheet on things to do before pregnancy.

Tips for a Healthy Baby
Tips for women before, during, and after pregnancy.


Are You Ready?
32-page booklet for women and their partners who might be thinking about getting pregnant.

Are You Ready for a Baby?
40-page booklet for moms- and dads-to-be. Includes preconception health advice.

Becoming a Parent
A booklet containing information for couples who are thinking about having a baby.

"Before You Get Pregnant" in Moms and Babies. Be Healthy. Stay Healthy.
Book chapter featuring information about preconception health.

My Life. My Plan.
10-page booklet to assist teens with creating a life plan.

"Pregnancy" in The Healthy Woman: A Complete Guide for all Ages
Chapter on pregnancy also includes information on the importance of health before pregnancy.

Set Your Mind. Set Your Goals. Adult Life Plan
18-page booklet to assist women with creating a life plan.

The Coming of the Blessing: A Pathway to a Healthy Pregnancy
28-page booklet for American Indian and Alaska Native women and men featuring information about care for themselves and their baby during the sacred cycle of childbearing.


ABCs for Healthy Families, Journey of a Lifetime Campaign
Links to Journey of a Lifetime campaign materials, including advertisements, a billboard, poster, and fact sheet. Link also includes background information about the campaign.

A Healthy Baby Begins with You
A national campaign targeting the African American community to raise awareness about infant mortality; includes information about infant mortality and preconception health and links to campaign materials (brochures, PSAs, posters).

Amor y Salud Campaign
Campaign website targeted to Latinas living in Oregon. Features information about preconception health and novela about Lourdes, a young Latina making big decisions with her fiancé.

Are You Ready?
Features project information and family planning brochures, one each for women and men. Project ran in 6 counties in North Carolina for 2 years with the goal of engaging individuals and community groups to make positive lifestyle changes that contribute to having healthier families.

Baby Makes Three. Are you Ready?
Information and links to help women get ready for pregnancy.

Before you Get Pregnant (Preconception)
Includes preconception health information, links to educational resources, and videos.

Every Woman California
Website includes downloadable educational materials and links to other resources and tools.

Every Woman Florida
Education, tools, and resources for women.

Every Woman North Carolina
Information about women’s health, folic acid and multivitamins, reproductive life planning, and men’s health.

Get a Healthy Life campaign
Website featuring videos, preconception health information, resources for women, and news/events.

Get Healthy Before You Get Pregnant
Healthy lifestyle tips for women before they get pregnant; also includes a list of services to women who need help.

Know Your Plan
An interactive campaign website for teens that includes information about preconception health and a video.

Oregon Public Health
Includes state definition of preconception health and links to internal and external resources.

Power Your Life Campaign
Campaign website provides life course guidelines for women and has interactive tools, including an animated video about ovulation and a Life Plan PDF.

Preconception Health: For Patients and Families
Website links to many materials currently available and local health department resources for women and men.

Before and Between Pregnancy - Oklahoma State Department of Health
Includes information on preconception health, a link to a video, and links to local resources.

Tune Project
Campaign website features downloadable, inspirational songs that encourage young women to reach their goals and information on healthy living.

Women’s Health
Educational information and resources to help women take steps to being healthy and having a healthy family.