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CDC’s PRAMS Online Data for Epidemiologic Research (CPONDER) V2.0

CPONDER V2.0 is an online data system created to access data collected through Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) surveys. Users have the ability to design their own analysis by choosing from an indexed list of available categorical variables. Descriptive statistics in the form of proportions are included in the resulting report and corresponding graph. CPONDER contains PRAMS data from 2000 through 2006 for state and year combinations that achieve at least a 70% response rate. CPONDER contains 2007 through 2011 data for PRAMS state and year combinations that achieve at least a 65% response rate. As additional years of data are weighted, they will be added to the system.

The system indexes 195 variables by topic for selection as the outcome variable in the analyses. In addition, there are 16 control variables for use in breaking out or stratifying the requested analysis—only one break-out variable at a time may be specified. Analyses may be for a single state and year, for a single state and all available years, or for all available states and a single year. With the all available states and a single year analyses, no further break-outs are possible.

Once the request has run, results are returned in the form of a table and, in most cases, a graph. Users can copy the results in the table into a document or spreadsheet or save the image of the graph. Online help is available at each step of the process to guide users to the desired analysis. The PRAMS Web site provides access to general information on the program, participating states, questionnaires, and other publications and analyses.

Preconception Health Indicators in CPONDER V2.0

All Preconception Health Indicators [PDF - 220KB]

If you have any questions or suggestions, please go to contact CDC-INFO.

New Verison 2.0

CPONDER v2.0 logo

NEW in CPONDER Version 2.0 are the addition of flu indicators and the preconception health indicators where PRAMS is the primary data source. When analyzing flu indicators, you must select the 2009-2010 flu season as the year of analysis. PRAMS flu questions were only included during flu season months which cross calendar years. The preconception indicators are denoted by (*PCH) in their label. Read the detailed documentation on all preconception health indicators in CPONDER V2.0.