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This page lists podcasts and videos related to pneumococcal disease and vaccination.


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Prevent Pneumonia
[4:50 minutes, Date Released: 5/23/2012]
Dr. Kathleen Dooling with the CDC explains what pneumonia is, its symptoms, and how to prevent it.

man pointing to bandaid on immunization location

Adults Need Immunizations, Too!
[4:30 minutes, Date Released: 3/19/2012]
In this podcast, Dr. Andrew Kroger from CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases discusses simple, safe, and effective ways adults can help protect themselves, their family, and their community from serious and deadly diseases.

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Get Your Big Boy Shots
[3:33 minutes, Date Released: 2/2/2012]
You may think vaccines are just for kids, but there are nearly a dozen vaccines recommended for people over the age of 18. Unfortunately, many adults aren’t getting the recommended vaccines. In this podcast, Dr. Carolyn Bridges discusses the importance of adults staying up-to-date with their vaccines.

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New and Improved Vaccine
[4:32 minutes, Date Released: 4/1/2010]
This podcast provides information on pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, a vaccine developed in 2000 which substantially decreased the number of invasive pneumococcal disease, or IPD cases, particularly in children younger than five years of age. Recently, a new vaccine was approved (PCV13) and is expected to prevent even more cases of this serious disease. In this podcast, Dr. Pekka Nuorti discusses the new vaccine to prevent invasive pneumococcal disease.

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cdc expert commentary

CDC Commentary: Pneumococcal Vaccination: Applying the ACIP Algorithms NEW
[7:38 minutes, Date Released: 11/19/2014]
An overview of which vaccines to give adult patients to protect them from pneumococcal disease, including guidance on the order and timing between doses.

cdc expert commentary

One Family’s Struggle with Pneumococcal Disease
[3:53 minutes, Date Released: 12/2/2009]
One mother shares the heart-wrenching account of her family's struggles with pneumococcal disease affecting both of her young children.

cdc expert commentary

CDC Commentary: Latest Pneumococcal Adult Vaccine Recommendations
[6:28 minutes, Date Released: 10/15/2012]
An overview of adult PCV13 and PPSV23 vaccine recommendations.

Dr. Ann Schuchat

CDC Commentary: Overcoming Vaccine Concerns and Refusals
[7:50 minutes, Date Released: 6/6/2011]
Dr. Anne Schuchat, Assistant Surgeon General and Director of NCIRD, offers tips for having conversations with parents who are reticent to vaccinate their children.

Dr. Matthew Moore

CDC Commentary: Pneumococcal Disease in Children
[4:39 minutes, Date Released: 5/10/2010]
An overview of the latest recommendations for giving PCV13 to infants and children.

childhood immunization

Get the Picture: Childhood Immunizations
[6:27 minutes, Date Released: 4/13/2009] Also available on YouTube
CDC-TV video that helps answer the tough questions that real moms have about childhood immunizations. Understanding the importance of vaccines is crucial for you to protect your children’s health.

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