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Featured Partners Archive

Here are some previously highlighted examples of how PHPR and partner organizations help further the cause of public heath across the nation.

volunteersHow important is it for neighboring states to communicate breaking public health news with each other?

In an age where we think nothing of hopping into the car to work, go to the doctor, or visit with family and friends, state borders are effectively “invisible” lines. With people frequently crossing state lines to work and play, collaboration during public health emergencies is critical. Kentucky and Tennessee recognized this, and have been working together for years to ensure that when a public health emergency hits, they are ready to work together to address it.

CommunityA cook off in Arizona. An art installation in New Orleans. A fire prevention program in Oregon.

What do they all have in common? They are among the innovative community projects that got a recent boost from the partnerships between the CDC Foundation, FEMA, and CDC.

CommunityPromising Community Preparedness Efforts Bolstered by Federal Partnership Exercise

A local public health department, a school system transportation department, and volunteers hit the road on two very hot summerdays to ensure their community is prepared.

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