Principles of Community Engagement
CDC/ATSDR Committee on Community Engagement

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Public Health Practice Program Office
Atlanta, GA., 1997

Principles of Community Engagement, Second Edition

Table of Contents, First Edition

 Executive Summary
 Part 1 - Community Engagement: Definitions and Organizing Concepts From The Literature
            The Concept of Community
            Concepts of Community Engagement
            Insights from the Literature
            General Conclusions About the Power and Usefulness of Community Engagement
 Part 2 - Principles of Community Engagement
            Before Starting a Community Engagement Effort...
            For Engagement to Occur, It Is Necessary to...
            For Engagement to Succeed...
 Part 3 - Applying Principles To The Community Engagement Process
            Principles of Community Engagement
            Successful Community Engagement Efforts
            Matrix of Case Examples and Community Engagement Principles
            Case Examples
            Linking Engagement Principles to Practice

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