Public Health Information Network (PHIN) 2009 Conference


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Sunday, August 30, 2009

11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Ancillary Meeting

AM20: Ancillary Meeting
NACCHO Public Health Informatics Workgroup

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Ancillary Meeting

AM22: Ancillary Meeting
Location: Regency V
Title: NEDSS Stakeholders Meeting
Description: This meeting is to provide an opportunity for state, local and federal stakeholders interested in NEDSS activities to be engaged allowing the opportunity to share programmatic issues and updates impacting surveillance as well as H1N1 readiness discussion leveraging NEDSS compatible solutions.

Monday, August 31, 2009
7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Ancillary Meeting

AM 14: Ancillary Meeting
Title: Epi Info: Highlights and Demonstration
Location: Hanover FG
Description: Epi Info™ is a public domain software package designed for the global community of public health practitioners and researchers. The system is a collection of lightweight software tools to support ad-hoc epidemiological functionality to rapidly develop questionnaires, customize data entry, analyze data, and create customized reports.

This workgroup will demonstrate the features and functionality of the Epi Info and seek to obtain feedback from stakeholders and partners during the session. A key component will be to prioritize interests to continue collaboration on improvements and enhancements to the Epi Info system in order to maintain support and provide the functionality needed by public health partners.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

7:00 AM – 8:30 AM: Ancillary Meetings

AM 6: Ancillary Meeting
Title: The Road to MEDINFO 2010 South Africa from Bellagio/MEDINFO 2010
Location: Hanover AB
Description:  The International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) will organize MEDINFO 2010 - 13th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics under the theme of “Partnerships for Effective e-Health Solutions,” Sept. 13– 16, 2010, Cape Town, South Africa. This Workgroup will provide opportunity for PHIN attendees to obtain information about, provide input to, and discuss about the organization of the Conference. The organizers are interested to hear specific, feasible, and practical suggestions on how to accommodate and highlight public health informatics at Medinfo; potential role that the PHIN community can play will also be discussed. This session will build on the call for action from the Rockefeller Foundation organized Bellagio e-health conference. Dr. Charles Safran, Medinfo 2010 Editorial Board member and NCPHI consultant, will lead the discussion. He will share and follow-up on the group’s recommendations with Medinfo leadership.

AM 7: Ancillary Meeting
Title: Countermeasure and Response Administration System - Highlights and Demonstration of Version 1.9
Location: Hanover FG
Description: The Countermeasure and Response Administration (CRA) system was initially developed by CDC to track utilization of scarce countermeasures during public health emergencies.  As state and local public health partners have used the system for both exercises and public health events, they have identified additional capabilities that the system needs to support.  Collaboration among CDC stakeholders, CRA development team, and public health partners provides the direction for these new capabilities. This workgroup will demonstrate the new features and functionality that have been incorporated into the CRA system since the 2008 PHIN Conference (including Release 1.9) and solicit feedback from partners during the session.  Updates for tracking vaccine doses administered during the fall novel influenza A (H1N1) campaign will also be discussed.

AM 1: Ancillary Meeting
Title: PHEP Cooperative Agreement BP10 and BP11 Roundtable
Hanover CD
Description: A reduction of federal funding and declines in state budgets threaten to impact critical PHIN accomplishments in state and local public health preparedness. This roundtable will allow attendees the opportunity to have insight and comment on the PHIN language of the next Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Cooperative Agreement. Grant administrators from the Division of States and Local Readiness (COTPER/DSLR) have begun the process of drafting the Guidance for the Budget Period (BP) 11 PHEP Cooperative Agreement. A member of DSLR will attend this roundtable session to answer your questions, hear your concerns and consider your recommendations before finalizing the requirements for the BP11 PHEP Cooperative Agreement. How can changes to the Guidance language of PHEP ensure additional support from jurisdictional leadership? This is your opportunity ask questions, recommend changes, and express the importance of PHIN from your prospective. Join the roundtable and learn more about the PHEP Cooperative Agreement for BP10 and BP11.

AM 12: Ancillary Meeting
Title: Case Reporting Standardization Workgroup (CRSwg)
Location: Hanover E
Description: CDC and CSTE are co-hosting the Case Report Standardization Workgroup (CRSWg) meeting to address opportunities and challenges for public health case reporting.  The progress of current activities, such as the development of the Public Health Case Report Implementation Guide using Clinical Document Architecture Release 2 (CDA) and the review and incorporation of data elements in CSTE position statements will be covered.  Future activities and working group meetings will also be addressed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
7:00 AM – 8:00 AM: Ancillary Meeting

AM 8: Ancillary Meeting
Title: Epi-Info, CRA, and OMS: Interoperability to Support Public Health Practitioner Needs
Location: Hanover AB
Description: Countermeasure and Response Administration (CRA), Epi InfoTM and Outbreak Management System (OMS) are informatics tools that support PHIN functions in the area of outbreak management and response relative to different public health situations and events. This workgroup will explain basic functionality of the three systems and explore different options for interoperability.  A key objective will be to seek partner feedback on what approaches will best support their practices in the near, mid- and long term. Collaboration with partners about CRA, Epi InfoTM and OMS interoperability will lead to a useful suite of tools to support public health practitioner needs.

AM 13: Ancillary Meeting
Title: Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Grantee Public Health Information Network (PHIN) Coordinators Roundtable
Location: Hanover CD
Description: This roundtable will provide an information sharing and networking opportunity for PHEP Cooperative Agreement Awardees, PHIN Coordinators, and Public Health professionals. Discussions will focus around lessons learned during the recent H1N1 event, innovations in technology, public health informatics funding sources, PHIN Certification, PHIN Requirements and the role of the PHIN Coordinator. Attendees will have direct access to CDC PHIN subject matter experts and other NCPHI leadership. This will be an interactive event so attendees should come prepared to share and learn.

8:00 AM - 1:00 PM: Ancillary Meeting

AM 9: Ancillary Meeting
Title: PHII Meeting
Location: Regency V

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM: Ancillary Meeting

AM 9: Ancillary Meeting
Title: FACA Board of Scientific Counselors Meeting
Location: Harris
Description: The NCPHI Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC) will meet in a Federal Advisory capacity to perform official Board functions and conduct official Board business.  This is the final NCPHI BSC meeting for FY 09; it is open to the public and a Federal Registry notice will be posted one month in advance.

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM: Ancillary Meeting

AM 10: Ancillary Meeting
Title: EHR Alerting Stakeholder Meeting
Location: Regency VI
Description: The Electronic Health Record (EHR)Alerting stakeholders' meeting provides an opportunity for CDC to update stakeholders and solicit feedback on current and planned EHR alerting activities. All stakeholders are encouraged to attend and participate in discussions on public health-clinical workflows in EHRs, a model architecture, and future goals.  

AM 15: Ancillary Meeting
Title: Outbreak Management System (OMS): Highlights and Demonstration
Location: Dunwoody
Description: The Outbreak Management System (OMS) is a complete, deployable system that provides CDC and its public health partners with a suite of tools for creating dynamic questionnaires, configuring outbreak-specific vocabularies, capturing standard data, creating reports, performing analyses, and creating outbreak-specific packages. The system allows for case follow up, contact tracking, and data import, export, and analysis.

This workgroup will demonstrate the features and functionality of OMS and seek insight and recommendations from stakeholders and partners during the session. Continued opportunities for collaboration on improvements and enhancements to the system will be discussed in order for it to provide the functionality to support the needs of public health partners.

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM: Ancillary Meeting

AM 21: Ancillary Meeting
CRA Workgroup
Hanover E

4:45 PM – 5:45 PM: Ancillary Meeting

AM 25: Ancillary Meeting
APHL Workgroup

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM: Ancillary Meeting

AM 21: Ancillary Meeting
Title: Epi-X for Mobile Devices Workgroup
Hanover E
Description: This session is intended for persons who want to know how to install a digital certificate on their own Blackberry or who may need to support persons in their health department who need Blackberry access to Epi-X. Refreshments will be provided.

AM 23: Ancillary Meeting
Title: PHII/Emory Workgroup
Location: Courtland

5:00 PM – 7:30 PM: Ancillary Meeting

AM 11: Ancillary Meeting
Title: CACoP (Communications and Alerting Community of Practice) Business Organizational Meeting
Hanover AB
Description: The Communications and Alerting Community of Practice (CACoP) ancilary meeting is recommended for any HAN coordinator or PHEP program staff responsible for emergency communications and alerting in their jurisdiction. This meeting is held every year at the PHIN conference (formerly the HAN coordinators session). This years' primary topics will be: (1) Status updates on direct alerting certification (2) The year ahead: cascade alerting, radio communications, other. and (3) Updates from CDC programs to the CACoP.

AM 4: Ancillary Meeting
Title: NAHDO
Location: Inman

AM 5: Ancillary Meeting
Title: PHII/Emory Workgroup
Location: Dunwoody

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM: Ancillary Meeting

AM 17: Ancillary Meeting
Title: Electronic Laboratory Reporting Working Group: Annual Community Working Session
Location: Hanover FG
Description: The Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR) Working Group traditionally holds a working session at the annual PHIN Conference. The 2009 meeting will address topics including:

  • Continued promotion of national collaboration in ELR
  • Identification and inclusion of new ELR participants
  • Updates and discussion of ongoing projects, e.g., HL7 balloting of the 2.5 Implementation Guide, the most recent annual national ELR survey, and the 2009 CSTE position paper.
  • Discussion and planning of new group projects, prioritization of ELR concerns
  • Discussion of the role of the ELR group in the newly-formed Laboratory Messaging Community of Practice

5:00 PM – 9:00 PM: Ancillary Meeting

AM 3: Ancillary Meeting
Title: Public Health Information Technology in the 21st Century
Location: Hanover CD
Description: The workgroup will be focused on addressing public health needs in electronic health information exchanges. The roles of public health professionals and public health information technology specialists in building these exchanges will be discussed. Attendees will participate in formulating the NAPHIT-PHDSC strategy towards assuring public health needs in meaningful HIT products.

Thursday, September 3, 2009
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Ancillary Meeting

AM 16: Ancillary Meeting
Title: Global Public Health Informatics/ NCPHI-GPHIP
Location: Hanover G
:  During this Workgroup, three international panels, one hour each, on key and hot global public informatics topics will be presented. Each panel will consist of three speakers with time allotted for discussion. Candidate topics range from country perspectives, framework, strategies and implementation challenges, enterprise architecture, information exchange, capacity building, mobile health, open source tools, interoperability, and an update on major e-health international initiatives to the pandemic Novel Influenza A (H1N1). Final selected topics and presenters will be circulated at the beginning of the PHIN conference.

Photo: Conference Workgroup
Photo: Conference Workgroup
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