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Host Site Profile

PHAP relies on its partnerships with federal, state, tribal, local, and territorial health departments that serve as host sites for public health associates. These relationships are vital to the development of our nation's next generation of public health professionals. By exposing associates to a broad variety of public health experiences, host sites provide a foundation upon which future public health leaders can cultivate their careers. Below is a visual representation of host sites by agency type from 2007 to 2010.

Percentage of Host Sites, By Agency Type (2007 - 2010)
* includes the District of Columbia

Successful host sites must be able to fill the following requirements:

  • Develop a work plan that allows associates to gain entry-level experience in two different program areas
  • Provide training and on-the-job experiences suitable for recent college graduates (BA/BS) with little to no work experience in public health
  • Encourage associates' professional development
  • Provide associates with a supervisor who has prior supervisory experience
  • Demonstrate the capacity to provide associates with valuable work experience and program-specific training

Host sites recognize the benefit of participating in PHAP: as a result, an increasing number of host sites continue to apply for this opportunity annually. The graph below is a snapshot that shows the percentage of host sites that are considered legacy agencies, as well as first year host sites within PHAP.

Host site supervisors are important resources for PHAP associates and CDC. They provide on-the-job training, guidance, and foster environments in which associates can master the competencies emphasized in the PHAP training curriculum. Host site supervisors are highly qualified to provide their associates with support in supervisory and mentoring capacities, and their expertise is an asset to both the associates and CDC. The graph below demonstrates the number of years of public health experience of previous host site supervisors.