PNSS Edit Criteria

Missing Data

Edit Criteria: Fields with missing data on more than 20% of records. The field numbers and names that are edited include:

Field Names Record Type1
Complete Records Prenatal Records Postpartum
03 Clinic
04 Zip Code2
05 Source of Data
08 Postpartum Visit Date  
10 Woman's Date of Birth
11 Race/Ethnicity3 or
12 WIC Race/Ethnicity
13 Contributor-Specific Race/Ethnicity
14 Education
15 Household Size—Prenatal Visit  
16 Monthly Household Income—Prenatal Visit  
17 Migrant Status2
18 WIC—Prenatal Visit2  
19 WIC—Postpartum Visit2  
20 Food Stamps—Prenatal Visit2  
21 Food Stamps—Postpartum Visit2  
22 Medicaid—Prenatal Visit2  
23 Medicaid—Postpartum Visit2  
24 TANF—Prenatal Visit2  
25 TANF—Postpartum Visit2  
26 Date of Last Menstrual Period (LMP)3  or
27 Expected Date of Delivery (EDD)3
28 Height of Woman—English3  or
29 Height of Woman—Metric3
30 Pre-Pregnancy Weight Estimate
31 Woman's Weight English—Prenatal Visit3 or  
32 Woman's Weight Metric—Prenatal Visit3  
33 Woman's Weight English—Postpartum Visit3 or  
34 Woman's Weight Metric—Postpartum Visit 3  
35 Positive or Negative (Pos or Neg) Weight Gain  
36 Total Weight Gain  
37 Hemoglobin—Prenatal Visit3 or  
38 Hematocrit—Prenatal Visit3  
39 Date of Hemoglobin or Hematocrit Measure—Prenatal Visit2  
40 Hemoglobin—Postpartum Visit3  or  
41 Hematocrit— Postpartum Visit3  
42 Date of Hemoglobin/Hematocrit Measure - Postpartum Visit2  
43 Parity
44 Date Last Pregnancy Ended
45 Gestational Diabetes—Postpartum Visit2  
46 Hypertension During Pregnancy—Postpartum Visit2  
47 Medical Care Began
48 Date Enrolled in WIC
49 Multivitamin Consumption Prior to Pregnancy2
50 Multivitamin Consumption During Pregnancy2  
51 Cigarettes/Day—3 Month Prior to Pregnancy
52 Cigarettes/Day—Prenatal Visit  
53 Cigarettes/Day—Last 3 Months of Pregnancy  
54 Cigarettes/Day—Postpartum Visit2  
55 Household Smoking—Prenatal Visit2  
56 Household Smoking—Postpartum Visit2  
57 Drinks/Week—3 Months Prior to Pregnancy
58 Drinks/Week—Last 3 Months of Pregnancy  
59 Infant Identifier—Alphanumeric  
60 Infant's Date of Birth  
61 Number of Infants  
62 Born Alive or Dead  
63 Birthweight—English3 or  
64 Birthweight—Metric3  
65 Currently Breastfed2  
66 Ever Breastfed2  
1Record type is defined in PNSS field 24/Completion Code: (1,A,B) = complete records, (2-6) = prenatal only records, (7-8) = postpartum only records.
2Supplemental field; missing data cited on Periodic PNSS Record Volume and Data Quality Report only if >20% of records but <100% of records.
3Only one of the tandem fields must be reported; missing data are assessed on both fields in concert.