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Prevention Among Injection Drug Users

 IDU HIV Prevention
Outreach to
Drug Users

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HIV Prevention Among Injection Drug Users

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Archival Content: 1999-2005

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What Can Outreach Workers Do To Help Drug Users Get Into Medical Care?

Helping clients obtain HIV and other medical treatment—and ensuring that they continue with treatment—is a vital element of an outreach worker’s efforts.

Outreach workers help drug users get into HIV treatment and primary care services and help make sure that other community supports are in place (such as transportation) so that the HIV-positive person can take advantage of these services.

Outreach workers can collaborate with the HIV clinic or treatment facility to ensure that the HIV-positive person keeps appointments and adheres to the prescribed treatments.

  • Greenberg J and others. Linking injection drug users to medical services: Role of street outreach referrals. Health and Social Work 1998;23(4):298-309. (See abstract and summary)

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