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Prevention Among Injection Drug Users

 IDU HIV Prevention
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Drug Users

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HIV Prevention Among Injection Drug Users

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Archival Content: 1999-2005

Training Doing the Work

National Development and Research Institutes, Inc. (NDRI)

What is NDRI?

NDRI is a not-for-profit research organization in New York City that focuses on substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, violence, special populations, therapeutic communities, and related areas of mental health, public health, criminal justice, urban problems, HIV prevention, and epidemiology.

NDRI’s Training Institute offers training to individuals and organizations in several ways. For example:

The Center for Drug Use and HIV Research (CDUHR) Seasonal Institutes offers courses three times a year during February, May, and October to share the latest research from NDRI projects.

NDRI conducts workshops under contract with the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute.Link to a non-CDC site The AIDS Institute coordinates New York State ’s efforts to prevent the spread of AIDS and provide services to those affected by HIV infection and AIDS.

Organizations can hire the Training Institute to train staff in any listed course or course combinations. These Special Request workshops can be designed to meet any specific organizational needs.

Who can train at the NDRI Training Institute?

All health and human services providers who work with people affected by HIV and AIDS, including, outreach workers, people who deliver HIV testing, prevention case managers, and health care providers.

What topics are covered in NDRI workshops?

NDRI offers a wide range of training workshopsLink to a non-CDC site that may be useful to outreach workers.

Addressing Prevention with HIV Positive Clients

Basic Information about Domestic Violence

Building Bridges to Cultural Proficiency

Community HIV/AIDS Educator Training

HIV Testing Procedures

HIV/AIDS Confidentiality Law

Mental Health Services: Ensuring Appropriate Referrals for HIV Positive Clients

Offering Rapid HIV Testing in CBOs Serving High Risk Communities

Overview of HIV Infection and AIDS

Promoting Adherence to HIV Treatment

Skills Practice and Implementation of Stage-Based Behavioral Counseling

What's New in HIV/AIDS

How much do NDRI workshops cost?

CDUHR courses are free. AIDS Institute courses are also free if held within the NDRI’s contractual guidelines with the AIDS Institute. Fees are charged for Special Request trainings.

Where can I take NDRI workshops?

Trainings are held either at NDRI or at organizations that have staff or 25 or more.

Where can I learn more?

National Development and Research Institutes, Inc.Link to a non-CDC site
71 West 23rd Street
8th Floor
New York , NY 10010
Tel. 212-845-4400 (Main number)
Tel. 212-845-4550 (Information about AIDS Institute trainings)
Tel. 212-845-4570 (Information about CDUHR trainings)
Tel. (212) 845-4566 or 212-845-4565 (Information about Special Request trainings)
Fax. 917-438-0894

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