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Prevention Among Injection Drug Users

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HIV Prevention Among Injection Drug Users

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Archival Content: 1999-2005

Training Doing the Work

Harm Reduction Training Institute (HRTI)

What is HRTI?

HRTI, a part of the Harm Reduction CoalitionLink to a Non-CDC site, is the first national training center focused exclusively on training individuals and institutions in ways to reduce the negative consequences of drug use. HRTI offers two types of workshops:

  • Skills-based training workshops, which are designed to promote practical skills, facilitate rapid applications in direct practice, and transfer emerging technologies in working with drug users.
  • Knowledge-based educational workshops, which are designed to promote new ways of understanding an issue related to drug-related harm, present new research findings on a topic area, and enhance critical thinking about contemporary social problems.

Organizations also can hire HRTI consultants to provide technical assistance in two areas:

  • Program Development—Consultants can conduct needs assessment and evaluation, identify appropriate harm reduction services for an agency, and develop an implementation and service integration plan.
  • Curriculum Development—Consultants can develop curricula for academic courses or other professional training programs.

Who can train at HRTI?

Workshops are open to health care workers, drug treatment staff, mental health professionals, other social service workers, supervisors and managers, and others who work with drug users. HRTI strongly recommends that all workshop participants take the “Overview of Harm Reduction” workshop before enrolling in any other workshop.

What topics are covered in HRTI workshops?

Here are a few examples of workshops offered by HRTI:

  • Overview of Harm Reduction
  • Working with Clients with Histories of Trauma
  • Harm Reduction & Crack Use
  • Wellness Workshop: Burnout Prevention
  • Working With African-Americans in Chemical Dependency Treatment
  • Youth-Focused HIV Risk Assessment and Testing
  • Hepatitis C From the Ground Up
  • Conflict Intervention & Prevention
  • Outreach with African American Men
  • Negotiating Change
  • Harm Reduction in Latino Communities

How much do the workshops cost?

Half-day workshops - $40; Full-day workshops - $60; discounts offered to students and Harm Reduction Coalition members.

Where can I take HRTI workshops?

Most HRTI workshops take place at their facilities in New York CityLink to a Non-CDC site and the San Francisco Bay AreaLink to a Non-CDC site. HRTI also has begun collaborating with other organizations to offer regional trainingsLink to a Non-CDC site.

22 West 27th Street
5th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212-683-2334

Harm Reduction Coalition
Oakland Office
1440 Broadway, Suite 510
Oakland, CA 94612
Tel: 510-444-6969 ext. 10

Where can I learn more?

Harm Reduction Training InstituteLink to a Non-CDC site
c/o Harm Reduction Coalition
22 West 27th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Tel. 212-683-2334 x 17
Fax 212-213-6582

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