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Stone Mountain Meeting

Image of Stone Mountain.

The specified goal of the Stone Mountain meeting (SMM) was to identify clear and concrete actions to move the concept of One Health from vision to implementation. Meeting participants defined a 3-5 year vision of One Health encompassing four main areas: culture change; increased visibility; political will and financial support; and optimal coordinated efforts. Seven activities were identified as being critical steps in attaining the 3-5 year vision and separate workgroups were formed to address each of these activities. Since the meeting, two of the workgroups have merged and now the six workgroups have been collaboratively developing and implementing the key activities.

The One Health Office facilitates production of a SMM workgroup newsletter. This newsletter details progress and provides updates for each of the workgroups, serving as a resource for all interested in SMM follow-up. Archived newsletters can be found here.

Workgroup Updates