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Global One Health Activities

A Malagasy man tends to his zebu in a small village on the border of the Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar.

In addition to supporting One Health activities in the United States, CDC is involved in One Health activities around the world. Many of CDC’s activities use a One Health approach to better understand the links between zoonotic diseases, the environment, and public health. Diseases can spread around the world very quickly, so it’s important for CDC to work closely with other countries to build strong partnerships with human and animal health organizations.

One Health is about people from many fields working together to keep humans and animals healthy and to protect the world in which we live.

Collaboration and Partnerships

In many countries, CDC works with local and national governments as well as animal, environmental, and human health partners.

CDC also works with international organizations. These include:

International Officers

CDC's Animal-Human Interface (AHI) Officers work with partners in various countries—including Kenya, Vietnam, and others—to help promote and conduct One Health work.

This lead poisoning investigation in northern Nigeria is an example of an investigation by an AHI Officer.

Education and Mentoring

CDC works to build the public health workforce of many countries. We do this through training programs and educational courses. By doing this, medical, veterinary, and public health workers can learn about the importance of One Health.

The Nigeria Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program is one of the first CDC programs to use a One Health approach to train public health workers.


CDC scientists study how diseases in animals become threats to human health in the United States and around the world. They also look at how changes in the environment affect the health of animals and humans.

Their research helps us understand:

  • How viruses and bacteria spread from animals to humans
  • How a person's behavior can increase the risk that they will get sick from an animal
  • How quickly these diseases can spread

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