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NIP Divisions / Branches
Immunization Services Division (ISD)

The Immunization Services Division (ISD) provides technical and administrative assistance to State and local health departments and other organizations in the implementation of immunization programs for the public and private sector. ISD has six branches.

Assessment Branch  
Develops assessment tools to assess immunization coverage and immunization programs at specific health care organizations.  Analyzes and interprets data from large national surveys, including the National Immunization Survey (NIS) and the National Health Interview Survey.

Education, Information, and Partnership Branch

  1. Provides leadership in identification of training and education needs and in the development, implementation, delivery and evaluation of education and training programs and materials for health care providers and the general public to improve knowledge and influence changes and attitudes to reduce vaccine-preventable diseases across the lifespan;
  2. Establishes and maintains internal and external partnerships to share ideas and best practices programs, ensure consistency of national immunization messages, and minimize duplicative efforts; 
  3. Develops plans to address emerging and future education and training, information and collaboration needs in support of program goals;
  4. Promotes the application of new technologies to enhance distance learning and communication; 
  5. Develops policy and procedures that utilize appropriate technology and resources for information and dissemination management;
  6. Provides immunization publications, materials, information and awareness campaigns using a broad range of communication and distribution strategies ranging from one-on-one contact, the National Immunization Information Hotline, trade shows and national conferences, and the Internet;
  7. Establishes communications networks with local, state and national organizations involved in promoting VPD related training and information to health care providers and the general public
  8. Manages the continuing education application and award process for educational and training course offerings.

Health Services Research and Evaluation Branch
Provides scientific expertise on programmatic issues and serves as a focal point for health services research. Conducts and manages health services research projects and evaluations.

Immunization Registry Support Branch
Supports state and local health departments and health care organizations in their development of immunization registries.

Program Operations Branch
Provides support to immunization grantees and local health departments in the form of technical and intervention assistance and carries out epidemiologic and health services research to improve vaccine delivery and increase vaccine coverage.

Program Support Branch
Makes recommendations on all vaccine contracts, interacts with vaccine manufacturers, and provides oversight and order placement for all vaccine purchases made through CDC's contracts. Ensures there is an adequate supply of vaccine to meet public health demands and has overall responsibility for the conduct and management of the Vaccines for Children program. Works in a liaison capacity with other groups/programs representing the health interests of children, adolescents and adults including, but not limited to, HRSA, HCFA and MCH. Conducts or participates in operational research and demonstration projects, and training and educational activities on special initiatives such as CASA and AFIX.

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