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About NIP

The National Immunization Program (NIP) is a part of the Centers for Disease Control  and Prevention, located in Atlanta, Georgia. As a disease-prevention program, NIP provides leadership for the planning, coordination, and  conduct of immunization activities nationwide.

In carrying out its mission, NIP:

  • Provides consultation, training, statistical, promotional, educational, epidemiological, and technical services to assist health departments in planning, developing, and implementing immunization programs.
  • Supports the establishment of vaccine supply contracts for vaccine distribution to state and local immunization programs.
  • Assists health departments in developing vaccine information management systems to
    • facilitate identification of children who need vaccinations
    • help parents and providers ensure that all children are immunized at the appropriate age
    • assess vaccination levels in state and local areas
    • monitor the safety and efficacy of vaccines by linking vaccine administration information with adverse event reporting and disease outbreak patterns
  • Administers research and operational programs for the prevention and control of vaccine-preventable diseases.
  • Supports a nationwide framework for effective surveillance of designated diseases for which effective immunizing agents are available.
  • Supervises state and local assignees working on immunization

NIP's Strategic Plan for 2000-2005.* Use this version (.pdf) for printing and viewing purposes.

*Accessibility note: Text-reader version of strategic plan (.rtf).


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