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Vaccine Identification Standards Initiative
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Structure, Process, and Participants

(as of 2002-Apr-03)

    The Vaccine Identification Standards Initiative is a joint, voluntary, cooperative effort among various partners in the vaccine and immunization system.  It involves public health agencies at the state and federal levels which regulate and procure vaccines and manage immunization programs, developers and manufacturers in the vaccine industry, relevant professional medical associations, health-delivery institutions, and non-governmental organizations involved in immunization advocacy and support.  In addition, participation, advice, or consultation has been received from the barcoding industry and national standards organizations. 

    VISI was inaugurated in September and October 1997 with a conference call and face-to-face meeting, followed by repeat sessions to discuss evolving guidelines and prototypes.  Minutes and related documents are available for some sessions.

    The effort is led by staff of the Vaccine Safety and Development Branch, the organizational unit within the National Immunization Program, CDC, responsible for monitoring, studying, and enhancing the safety of vaccination in the United States.

    The following individuals have been involved in the VISI process at one time or another as active participants in conference calls or meetings, and/or as institutional liaisons receiving documentation for review and comment.  Affiliations are cited for identification only, and do not imply endorsement of VISI proposals and prototypes by either the institution or the individual.  Listing is in alphabetical order, first by affiliation, and then by individual.

  • Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (CDC)
    • Richard D. Clover
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
    • Thomas J. Gilbert, Boston Medical Center
    • Belinda Shell
    • Richard K. Zimmerman, University of Pittsburgh
  • American Academy of Pediatrics
    • Julie Ake
    • Colleen Shields Bear
    • Melody Cates
    • Neal Halsey
    • Joanne Kim
    • Edgar Ledbetter
    • Thomas N. Saari
    • Jan Fitzgerald-Soapes
  • American Hospital Association
    • William Schaffner
  • American Medical Association
    • Celeste Kirshner
  • Aventis Pasteur, Inc.
    • Lori Easterday
    • Ronald Filipski
    • Christine Grant
  • Barcoding software and hardware industries
    • Ron Barenburg, International Bar Code
    • Jerome Bobinski, Symbol Technologies, Inc.
    • Dave Cobb, Safety Syringes, Inc.
    • Robert Conrad, Saddle Brook Controls
    • Richard P. Fox Jr., Fox IV Technologies
    • Jim Hahn, Auto Image ID
    • Donna Keller, PSC, Inc.
    • Randall Kemmerer, Acuity CiMatrix
    • Andy Longacre, HHP/WelchAllyn
    • Rob Rack, Rack Design Group
    • Vicki Rementer, Auto Image ID
    • Rick Schuessler, Symbol Technologies
    • Peter Seidl, Schreiner GmbH & Co. KG
    • Ted Williams, Symbol Vision
    • George Wright, IV, Product Identification & Processing Systems
  • Celltech Medeva
    • Andrew Morgan
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Susan Abernathy
    • Robert T. Chen
    • Frank DeStefano
    • Suzy Feikema
    • Julie Gamez
    • Joseph Henderson
    • Harold Johnson
    • Robert Linkins
    • John Livingood
    • Walter A. Orenstein
    • Bindi Patel
    • Ali Rashidee
    • Joshua G. Schwartz
    • Robert Snyder
    • Gina Terracciano-Mootrey
    • Patricia A. Thomas
    • Bruce G. Weniger
  • Chiron Corporation
    • Jayne Gilbert
    • Brian Lee
    • Elizabeth Leininger
    • Yvonne McHugh
    • Tom McKenney
    • Ellie Segal
  • Department of Defense
    • John Grabenstein, USA
    • Thomas Hansen, USAF
  • Food and Drug Administration
    • Norman W. Baylor
    • Miles M. Braun
    • Karen N. Chaitkin
    • Jerome A. Donlon
    • Susan Ellenberg
    • Maryann Gallagher
    • Carolyn Hardegree
    • Carol Krueger
    • Philip Perucci
    • William V. Purvis
    • Marcel E. Salive
    • Toni M. Stifano
    • Frederick Varricchio
  • Georgia Department of Health
    • Amanda Bryant
    • Delbert Carvell
    • Sonya Gupta
    • Dennis D. Jones
    • Sharon McKenna
    • Jean Potiak
    • Tracy Wright
  • GlaxoSmithKline (previously SmithKline Beecham Biologicals/Pharmaceuticals)
    • Tom Calabrese
    • Laurence Edzenga
    • Gina Butler-Galliera
    • Mary Saxon-Ellis
  • Group Health of Puget Sound
    • Robert Davis
  • Health Care Financing Administration
    • Geoffrey S. Evans
  • International liaisons
    • Harald Heijbel, Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control
    • Heather Schouten, Laboratory Centre for Disease Control, Health Canada
    • Wikke Walop, Laboratory Centre for Disease Control, Health Canada
    • Randi Winsnes, Norwegian Medicines Control Authority
  • Maryland Department of Health
    • Paula Soper
  • Massachusetts Department of Health
    • Robert Rosofsky
  • Merck & Co.
    • Cindy Dickson
    • Cliff Harze
    • Catherine M. Maher
    • James Mundt
    • Bruce Rambacher
    • Jeffrey L. Seeley
    • Stacy H. Stuerke
    • Thomas Vernon
  • Michigan Biologic Products Institute
    • William Bursaw
  • National Vaccine Program Office
    • Steven Sepe
  • North American Vaccine, Inc.
    • Stephen N. Keith
  • Oregon Department of Health
    • Barbara Baker
    • Don Dumont
  • Other, and unaffiliated
    • John D. Grabenstein, ImmunoFacts
    • James E. Levin
    • John M. Miller
    • Stuart Tucker
  • Promina Health System
    • Patricia L. Hart
    • Cindi Skipper
    • Karen Wood
  • Task Force for Child Survival; All Kids Count
    • K.C. Edwards
    • Alan R. Hinman
    • Kristin Saarlas
    • William Watson
    • Ellen Wild
  • Texas Department of Health
    • Jim Allen
    • Dinny Smith
    • Gene Trautmann
  • Uniform Code Council
    • Jane Becker
    • James Chronowski
    • Glen Ford
    • Ray Del Nicki
    • John Roberts
    • Frank Sharkey
    • John Terwilliger
    • Mary Wilson
  • Veterans Administration
    • Jeff Ramirez
  • Wellstar Health System
    • Tricia Hart
  • Wyeth (formerly Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories; Wyeth Lederle Vaccines)
    • Jack Barry
    • Sarah Fan
    • Dennis J. Foley
    • John E. Kropas
    • Cyndee Long
    • Lugene Maher
    • Anne Marie Seppler
    • Kimberlee Stevens

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