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National Drug Code (NDC) Vaccine Database

(last database update 2000-November-21)

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Enter NDC number, vaccine type or abbreviation, brandname, manufacturer name or abbreviation, or other keyword(s), separated by commas ( , ) which serve as 'OR' operands: 

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Entering ... Returns all records containing ...
0006-4677-00 the official 10-digit NDC 0006-4677-00
00006-4843-00 the nonstandard 11-digit NDC 00006-4677-00
49281-545-05 the official 10-digit NDC 49281-545-05
49281-0545-05 the nonstandard 11-digit NDC 49281-0545-05
5816085901 the unhyphenated official 10-digit NDC 5816085901
58160085901 the unhyphenated nonstandard 11-digit NDC 58160085901
53905 this 53905 "labeler" code (1st NDC subfield) for Chiron
measles the word measles
hbv this HBV abbreviation for hepatitis B vaccine
havrix this Havrix® brand name for a hepatitis B vaccine
wye* whole words starting with the string wye, including Wyeth, Wyeth-Ayerst, and Wyeth-Lederle
smithkline AND lyme both the words SmithKline and lyme
b OR c either the words B or C, including hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae type b, and meningococcus C
hib NOT pasteur this HIB abbreviation for Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccine, but not Pasteur

Corrections / Omissions / Comments / Feedback

    Vaccine manufacturers, distributors, and end-users are encouraged to report any errors or omissions in the database, as well to provide any other comments and suggestions. 

  • Email: visi@cdc.gov
  • Fax: [+1] 404-639-8834
  • Postal mail: VISI, Immunization Safety Branch, National Immunization Program (E-61), CDC, 1600 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30333 USA.

Why linking to NDC search result pages is unwise

    This draft database was created and is maintained using MS Access® software.  Each time an update to the original dataset is made, the program outputs an entirely new set of individual webpages (in the name format NDCPage###.html), each representing a record of the new dataset, overwriting obsolete files of the same name.  After different updates, the same records in the dataset may not be represented by the same names on these webpages.  Thus, permanent hotlinks on other websites to any of these pages will not necessarily retrieve information about the same vaccine product.  

     To provide more sophisticated web-accessible database search and formatting capabilities will require identifying resources for additional software and programming services. 

     To download a full copy of the current master NDC vaccine database in MS Access2000® file format, click on the database's filename here:  NDCdatabase.mdb (last database update - 2000-November-21).

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