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Epidemiology and Prevention
of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases:

The Pink Book 10th Edition

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Note: Each appendix is offered as a full set or in its individual components. NOTE: As of 2/20/07, all links have been updated.

Appendix A: Schedules and Recommendations
Entire Appendix A in .pdf format (3.71MB)

Appendix B: Vaccines
Entire Appendix B in .pdf format (6.08MB)

Appendix C: Vaccine Storage & Handling
Entire Appendix C in .pdf format (3.93MB)

Appendix D: Vaccine Administration
ntire Appendix D in .pdf format (1.92MB)

Appendix E: Vaccine Information Statements
Entire Appendix E in .pdf format (822KB)

Appendix F: Vaccine Safety
Entire Appendix F in .pdf format (869KB)

Appendix G: Data and Statistics
Entire Appendix G in .pdf format (1.07MB)

Appendix H: Standards
Entire Appendix H in .pdf format (3.06MB)

Appendix I: Immunization Resources
Entire Appendix I in .pdf format (1MB)

* Accessibility Note: Materials now provided only in .pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format will soon be available in a format acceptable for screen-reader devices. Until then, please contact via email for immediate assistance.

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