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National Infant Immunization Week
Working together with Vaccination Week in the Americas

2007NIIW-VWA Activities Across U.S. and Mexico

NIIW logo image

2007 NIIW Activities:


Montgomery, Alabama

Infant Immunization Week
April, 2007

Three separate billboards were distributed statewide. Contact for more information.

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Kingman, Arizona

Health Fair—Kingman Regional Medical Center Kids’ Day Fair
April 21, 2007, 10am-2pm

This health fair for children of all ages will feature free immunizations, as well as up to 50 other booths concerning health matters and children. There will be free food and fun, including fire trucks, helicopters, health screenings, and much more! Kingman Regional Medical Center is the leader in this event, with other community partners involved.

For more information, contact Lisa Hatchell form the Mohave County Department of Public Health at (928)-753-0714, or email her at

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Little Rock , Arkansas

Health Fair
April 26th 10am-3pm

The General Pediatric Clinic nursing staff will be hosting an Immunization Education Fair for all hospital employees. Topics to be covered include: The Recommended Immunization Schedule, Keeping Accurate Shot Records, Administering Vaccines Safely and Effectively, Vaccine-Preventable Diseases, Reliable Information for Parents, and Flu Vaccine and Missed Opportunities. The General Pediatric Clinic will also be promoting NIIW to their patients and families with posters and immunization coloring books for the children.

For more information, contact Karalyn Kerby at (501) 364-4922 or email

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Nevada County , California

Continuing Medical Education Workshop for providers
April 2nd

A medical provider CME workshop is planned for April 2 that will educate physicians and their staff about the problem and ways to address it (risk communication, motivational interviewing, etc.).


“Protecting Our Children, Protecting Our Community” Campaign”
Various Activities ongoing throughout April, focus on NIIW week

The IZ Coalition has done market research (focus groups and parent surveys) to determine why parents chose to immunize or not immunize their children.

Educational materials for wide distribution have arrived.

The two local daily papers will be involved in educational efforts (one has already published an op-ed piece, another published an article last week). Radio interviews have been conducted and will continue. Radio ads have begun airing, with a "blitz" planned for NIIW.

Educational sessions:
New parents will be educated via the hospital's perinatal nurse and the several organizations that have home visiting programs. Presentations to Rotaries and CBOs have begun. The County has joined a regional IZ registry and will be training staff at community clinics and elsewhere on the registry.

Town Hall Meeting:
A "town hall" meeting, date to be determined, will be co-sponsored by the IZ Coalition and KVMR, a regional public radio station located in Nevada City that tends to draw a counter-culture audience. We expect this event to be of regional interest and are likely to attract media from outside the county, including from Sacramento.

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Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Free Immunizations for Infants 1 year old and younger
April 23, 9am-5pm

Free immunizations for infants age 1 and under; for English-speaking families from 9-12, and for Spanish-speaking families (with interpreter) from 1-5pm.
Partners include local MD offices, churches, day care centers, preschool centers, elementary schools, and local infant organizations.

For more information, contact Janice Poirot at (970) 879-1632 or email

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New Britain, Connecticut

Immunization Records day @ the Stadium!
April 25, 2007. 6:35pm

The New Britain Rock Cats and the New Britain Health Department have joined forces to host Immunization Records Day at New Britain Stadium. The 6:35 PM contest vs. the Portland Sea Dogs (Boston Red Sox affiliate) will be a Family 4 Pack night, further encouraging families to attend. Parents can bring a copy of their child’s immunization record for review at the New Britain Immunization Program table and learn more information about childhood diseases and how to prevent them.


Cover the uninsured week health fair
April 26, 11am-3pm

The Community Health Center of New Britain will be the host site for a health fair to highlight services available for residents who are uninsured. Attendees will learn information about childhood diseases and how to prevent them, along with sites where they can receive immunizations through the Vaccines for Children program.

For more information, contact Ramona Anderson at (860) 612-2777 or email

Norwalk, Connecticut

CT Immunization Registry and Tracking Display
April 21-May 1, 9am–5:30pm

A colorful display highlighting the benefits of enrollment in the Connecticut Immunization Registry and Tracking System and local program information. The childhood immunization schedule is also posted.

For more information, call Pam Bates at (203) 854-7728 or email

Trumbull, Connecticut

Multiple activities for NIIW (see below)

  • April 21, 2007 from 9am-1pm at the Child Safety Day Health Fair, Park City Primary Care, 64 Black Rock Ave, Bridgeport, CT
  • April 25, 2007 from 11:30am-12:30pm - “Vaccines Then and Now” presentation at the Child Guidance Center- Nurturing Parent Workshop, 180 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport, CT
  • April 26, 2007 from 10:30am-11:30am Mother’s Day Social- CIRTS bingo and Oral Health presentation at the local WIC office, 752 E. Main St., Bridgeport, CT. Light Refreshments will be provided.
  • April 26, 2007 from 2pm-3pm Educational resources will be provided parents participating on an Infant Massage workshop being held at the Child Guidance Center, 180 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport, CT
  • May 03, 2007 - from 10:30am-11:30am Mother’s Day Social- CIRTS bingo and Oral Health presentation at the local WIC office, 752 E. Main St., Bridgeport, CT. Light Refreshments will be provided.

Partners include the City of Bridgeport WIC Department, the City of Bridgeport Healthy Start Program, and the Child Guidance Center of Bridgeport.

For more information, please contact: Maritza Rosado, (203) 372-5503 or email:

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Bradenton, Florida

13th Annual Immunization Workshop
April 26, 8am-4 pm

The 13th Annual Immunization Workshop is being presented to physicians, nurses, daycare workers, and parents emphasizing the importance of completely vaccinating infants and children against vaccine preventable disease by the age of 2 years.

Partners include:
WIC Program, Immunization Mobile Van, Kiwanis Club, and METV.

Contact Sandra Anderson for more information at:
(941) 748-0747 or email

Tallahassee, Florida

2007 Florida Statewide Immunization Summit
April 24, 8:30-5
April 25, 8:30

The 2007 Florida Statewide Immunization Summit “Complete the Coverage. 90% by ‘07” focuses on updating the state’s public and private providers on immunizations and assisting practitioners to reach the goal of 90% coverage for the 4:3:1:3:3:1 immunization series for Florida’s two-year olds by July, 2007. Plenary presentations will be by Jeanne Santoli, MD, MPH, and William L. Atkinson, MD, MPH (both of CDC).

For more information, call Vivienne Treharne at the Florida Department of Health:
(850) 245-4342 or email:

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Ellijay, Georgia

April 20-27, 2007, 8-11am and 1-3pm

The Health Department is decorated in a “Fiesta” theme. There are goody bags for each child coming in for immunizations and drawings for door prizes. Local businesses contributed money and toys for door prizes.

For more information, contact Irene Rosales at (706) 635-4363 or email

Canton, Georgia

Vaccinate and Celebrate!

Educational materials will be handed out to parents, along with goody bags for children and ice cream to celebrate being up-to-date. Partners include Cagle’s Dairy Farm, Kroger, the Farm Bureau, Pediatric Dental Services, and WIC.

For more information, contact Nancy Stackhouse at (770) 345-7371 or email

Oscilla, Georgia

NIIW Proclamation
April 21-28, 2007

The City of Ocilla, along with the Irwin County Commissioners, has proclaimed April 21-28, 2007, as Infant Immunization Week. An article has been placed in the local paper. Partners include the City of Ocilla and the Irwin County Commissioners.

For more information, contact Rhonda Mixon, at (229) 468-5003, or email at

Quitman, Georgia

National Infant Immunization Outreach Activities
April 12-28, 8am-5pm

The Brooks County Health Department is offering ‘freebies’, including bouncy balls, “Sponge Bob” giveaways, baby bibs, and bracelets for older kids for participating local community members.

Contact Yugonda Thomas for more information at (229) 263-7587, or email

Woodstock, Georgia

Vaccinate and Celebrate!
April 24-27, 8am-4pm

Provide parents with educational materials upon entering the facility. After children are immunized, goodie bags will be given along with ice cream as they exit the facility.

Partners include:

Blue Bell Ice Cream, Kroger, Cagles’ Dairy, WIC, and the Farm Bureau.

For more information, please contact Mindy Spriggs at (770) 928-0133, or email

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Boise, Idaho

Children’s Immunization Day
April 28, 2007, 9am to 1pm

CDHD will offer free immunizations to all children up the age of six. Other activities will include fingerprinting with the Boise Police Department, games run by area Rotary Clubs, and snacks provided by the Idaho Dairy Council and Sysco Foods.

Partners include:

Boise area Rotary Clubs, the Boise Police Department, CableOne, the Idaho Dairy Council, and Sysco Foods.

For more information, contact Dave Fotsch at (208) 327-8639 or email

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Prestonsburg, Kentucky

Public Service Announcements /proclamation
April 21-28, 2007

PSAs aired on local television and radio stations that serve 5 Eastern Kentucky counties. A proclamation was signed by the county judge executive, along with a photo of health department staff and placed in two local newspapers that serve the 5 counties. A banner has been placed in Prestonsburg town center for NIIW to promote community awareness of timely infant vaccinations.

For more information, contact Brian Holbrook at (606) 886-2788, or email briank.holbrook@

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Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Multiple activities
April 23-28

Created flyers for distribution to day care centers, head start centers, early learning centers, and public and private schools that deal with children less than 5 years of age.

All public health units will be responsible for distributing and displaying the flyers in local establishments where children and their parents congregate.

Different organizations have been contacted about distributing flyers locally to outer most parts of Baton Rouge and surrounding area.

Flyers were mailed to all child-care and head start and pre-kindergarten facilities including all parishes.
The Region II Immunization Consultant, will be at Babies “R” Us during NIIW with educational pamphlets and materials for parents of all children. Immunization Consultant will be on hand to answer questions parents may have concerning the newest vaccines on the market and to discuss any other concerns they may have about protecting their children against these deadly diseases.

Region 2 will be working with Health and Safety Class entitled “Get Smart” with EPI program designed for child care providers who are participating in the Antibiotics Resistant Study. Many providers had questions during the last session provided by EPI which may have been answered by the Immunization Consultant in Region 2. Because the class is being held during NIIW we decided to include childhood immunizations on the agenda.
Hispanic Health Fair---150 non-English speaking families are expected to attend. Spanish educational material has been secured for this outreach effort in the community. Immunization Consultant and bi-lingual nursing assistant will be on hand to answer questions posed during the outreach.

For more information, contact Paula Mayeaux at

Lafayette, Louisiana

Press Release/Info Tables
April 21-28

There will be a press release, and Medicaid will be putting up tables in some of the PHUs.
For more information, contact Juliette Sefanski, or visit the website at (exit site)

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Proclamation, banners, and extended clinic
April 23-28

Proclamation to be put in local paper advertising. NIIW Banners will be placed in downtown areas and at Health Units. Extended hour clinics will be held for working parents.

For more information, contact Amelia Landry at (337) 475-3200 or email

Mandeville, Louisiana

Health Fair
April 21-28

There will be a health fair in the Slidell Municipal Auditorium where HU staff will provide shots as needed.
Various clinics will have tables and posters in their waiting area about NIIW.

Staff will actively encourage and ask WIC and clinic participants who are not there specifically for immunizations about their infant immunization status and provide shots as needed.

Washington Parish nurses will be going to a church in Franklinton the first weekend of NIIW to provide immunizations.

Our staff and facilities managers will be sharing with all their other community partners that NIIW is approaching and encouraging members of the community to walk-in to clinics as needed to get immunizations.

For more information, contact Dr. Parham Jaberi at (985) 871-1300.

Metairie, Louisiana

Reminder-Recall notices for NIIW
April 17-18

LINKS postcards reminder-recall will be sent to parents of children who are not up-to-date between the ages of 0-6 years old and 11-12 years old.


Waiver of Immunization Fee & Appointments
April 23-28

The LA Department of Health & Hospitals, Office of Public Health-Immunization Program will waive the administration fee for all immunizations during NIIW. Also, no appointments will be necessary during that week.

For more information contact Ruben Tapia at (504) 838-5300 or email

Monroe, Louisiana

Multiple Activities
April 23-28

Healthy Kids - Providing immunization info and LINKS records to parents and referring those who need shots to HU's and private providers.
PHU's will be offering door prizes, raffles and giving out toys with shots.
PHU's will be alternating extended hour clinics.
Articles will be placed in local newspapers advertising NIIW.

For more information, contact Judy Rea at (318) 361-7217 or email

New Orleans, Louisiana

Multiple activities all week
April 21-28

Activities include:

  • Extend hours at PHU's April 24-26 until 6pm.
  • Make posters announcing NIIW.
  • Recognize an up-to-date child at each HU with basket or certificate.
  • Send educational literature to clinics, schools and child care facilities promoting immunizations.
    Present giveaways to children as they leave clinic.

For more information, contact Patricia Drake at (504) 599-0128 or email

Shreveport, Louisiana

Many activities, including “JEANS FOR VACCINES!”
April 23-28

All health units have planned some special activities. Walk-ins are being encouraged by the local press in each town/city. All health units will offer treats/prizes to the children. Fees will be waived for the week .All have been spreading the word to patients as they come in for WIC and other services.

In Caddo a special banner will be displayed, as well as posters and buttons will be given out. Our injury prevention coordinator has planned some daily activities for children visiting the health unit.

In Bossier, trial size samples of tylenol with a printed copy of instructions (in lay terms) will be given out as appropriate.

In Claiborne, a banner will be displayed and the theme "Jeans for Vaccines" will be publicized in the local paper.
In Natchitoches posters are on display and newspaper coverage will be/has been provided.

In Red River the staff has been spreading the word and have planned for newspaper coverage.
Our staff has been busy and want to see immunization numbers increase during this special week.

For more information please contact Jerre Perry at

Thibodaux/Houma, Louisiana

Health Fair
April 21-28

ADAC Health Fair in Houma, LA will be distributing immunization educational information.
Teche Regional Medical Center Health Fair in Morgan City, LA will be distributing immunization educational information.

PHU's in will be extending hours until 6pm, distributing education materials and displaying banners promoting NIIW.

For more information, contact Dr. Takesia Davis or Jill Loupe at (985) 447-0916 or contact or

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Augusta, Maine

Two Statewide Immunization Conferences
April 24 and May 3, 2007

The conferences will provide a review of emerging and existing issues relating to immunization practice at the federal, state, and local levels.

Email for more information.

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Owings Mills, Maryland

Child Health Promotion Luncheon
May 8th, 2007

This luncheon will recognize individuals and agencies that have made outstanding contributions to the field of child health. This year's luncheon will feature as a keynote speaker Dr. Bill Atkinson, Medical Epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Community partners include the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Center for Immunization, Member Organizations, and Vaccine Manufacturers.

For more information, please contact Tiffany Tate (410) 902-4677, or email at:, or visit the website at (exit site)

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Natick, Framingham, and Marlborough, Massachusetts

Presentation: Immunizations for the Pre-school Population
April 25, 2007, 6-8pm

In observation of National Infant Immunization Week, we are offering a free presentation for area child care providers at the Framingham Town Hall, 150 Concord St. Our guest speaker will be Ms. Mary Conant, RN, BSN, Nurse Manager for the MA Department of Public Health, Immunization Program. Partners include the MDPH Immunization Program, the Natick Board of Health, the Framingham Board of Health, and the Marlborough Board of Health.

For more information, contact Leila Mercer, Public Health Nurse, Natick Board of Health, at (508) 647-6460, or email her at

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Port Huron, Michigan

Gifts and freebies for immunizations!

All children birth - 6 years of age who received immunization during the specific 2 week period were eligible for raffle drawing of prizes contributed by local business. Prizes included free video rentals, food packages from Subway, Jet's Pizza and Chuck E Cheese, Photo packages, Walmart Gift Card, and a night at the Fairfield Inn, and a grand prize of a night at the Comfort Inn for a family up to 6 including pizza, popcorn, and an in the room movie. Additionally, all children receiving immunization received special gifts such as coupons for a cone at McDonald's, a Frosty at Wendy's, or Fries at Burger King. All infants under 1 year received a bib with the immunization schedule printed on it. The Event was advertised on a sign outside the health department, on local cable channel, and bulletin boards within the health department. Flyers were sent to all child care centers asking they be posted for families to see. Fliers were also sent out with immunization recall letters.

Partners included:
Birchwood Mall, Burger King, Chuck E Cheese, Comfort Inn, Fairfield Inn, Family Video, Foto-Grafix, Health Plan of Michigan, Jet's Pizza, McDonald's, Subway, Walmart, Wendy's, and Wyeth Vaccines.

The event was pulled together very quickly with planning only starting in the 1st week of April. We had a good response, even with such short notice, from the community businesses. The event was fairly well attended with 62 children receiving over 170 doses of vaccine. We feel it was very successful in getting children immunized and the word out about the importance of immunization. Next year we plan to start planning and organizing much sooner to make the event an even bigger success.

For more information, contact Mary J. Spencer at (810) 987-5300.

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Crookston, Minnesota

Multiple activities and celebrations
April 21-28, 2007, with Store celebration 4/26/07 from 4-6pm

Activities will include media releases, church bulletins, provider information, and a celebration at a local store: Hugo’s in Crookston.

Call June Bergh for more information at (218) 281-3385, or email

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Reno, Nevada

Free Childhood Immunization Clinics/Health Fair
April 28th, 2007

Immunizations protect children from tragic diseases. Get your infant, child, or teenager immunized on time. All children enrolled in daycare and school must meet Nevada immunization requirements. Please bring your child’s immunization card. All childhood vaccinations will be FREE! For more information and clinic locations call (775) 328-3724 or (800) 429-2669.

Throughout the week of NIIW, clinics are also being offered throughout Las Vegas. Please call 1-800-232-4636 for more information and clinic locations.

For more information, email:, or go to the website: (exit site)

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East Orange, New Jersey

I walked a mile to save a child! Immunization Awareness Walk
April 27, 2007, 10am

Partners for this awareness walk include:

East Orange General Hospital, City of Orange, City of East Orange, Campus High School, EO Unified School Band, East Orange and Orange Day Care Centers, and the St. Mathews Church NJDHSS.

For more information, contact Theresa Combs at (973) 672-8400.

Elizabeth, New Jersey

Dinner for School Nurses in Union County
April 26, 2007, 5:30pm

Dinner will be provided during a lecture featuring “The Value of Vaccines”, given by the Union Country Immunization Program, with partners from GlaxoSmithKlein.

For more information, contact Kaye Young at (908) 965-3857.

Irvington, New Jersey

Toddlers Immunization Awareness Block Walk
April 24, 2007. 10:30am

Pre-schoolers will walk 2 blocks and carry signs for NIIW! This is sure to be one of the world’s cutest (and shortest) parades, so join us!

Contact Sandy Harris at the Irvington Health Department at (973) 399-8111.

Newark, New Jersey

“I walked a mile to save a child: VACCINATE!”
Immunization Awareness Walk
April 23, 2007

In observation of National Infant Immunization Week, there will be a community immunization awareness walk.

For more information, contact Jeanette Burgos, Immunization Coordinator, at (973)-733-7580. Partners include the Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, UMDNJ, Newark Pre-School Council, Essex Metro Immunization Coalition, Newark Public Schools, City of Newark Administration, and the Police Department.


April 23-28; M-F 8:30-4:30; Sat 9-2

Free immunizations and immunization record assessment will be provided.

For more information, contact Jeannette Burgos, CHES, at (973-733-7580) or email

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Albuquerque, New Mexico

Coalition Meeting
April 27, 2007, 6-9:30pm

Immunization Champions and providers with immunization rates over 90% will be honored at this dinner. A panel of NM providers will present on best practices to achieve and maintain high immunization rates, partnered with the NM Department of Health.

For more information, contact Anna Pentler at (50) 272-3680, or email

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Shelby, North Carolina

Goody bags, videos, and media
April 23-27

During NIIW we will be providing information throughout our health department and on the county electronic message board. All children receiving immunizations will receive a goody bag filled with material such as tooth brushes, toothpaste, coloring books, sippy cups and bibs and a special gift from a local restaurant. Parents will receive resource guides, immunization pamphlets and information on receiving free books for their child. Videos on immunizations will be shown in the Child Health waiting areas and our local media outlets will run articles on the importance of receiving immunizations. The Health Access Specialist will be checking immunization records during Head Start orientations on April 23rd and 30th.

Call (704) 484-5100 for more information.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Be Wise--Immunize at the Tulsa Zoo
Saturday, April 28, 2007

To celebrate NIIW and National Safe Kids Week, there will be free immunizations for infants through school-age children. Parent or legal guardian must bring immunization record and accompany child(ren). Free admission to the zoo for that day only to the child(ren) immunized and their immediate family (parents/siblings under 18).

Also, Safe Kids will be conducting car seat checks from 10:00 a.m. until noon at front gate, along with a bicycle rodeo, water safety clinic, tours of the Tulsa Fire Dept.'s Smoke trailer. Free bicycle helmets, car seats, water watcher tags and life jackets while supplies last. Free asthma screenings for ages 5-18.

Contact: Katherine Sebert at (918) 595-4514, or (exit site)

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Celebrate Infant Immunization Week!

We plan to schedule outreach events in five different family support centers. Our Coalition Nurse will present a 30-minute video on baby vaccines, followed by a Q&A session. A review of childhood immunization records will be offered. Each site has the opportunity to arrange a free immunization clinic. Fun give-aways will be provided, as well as educational displays and materials.

Partners include:

  • Allegheny County Health Department
  • Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh
  • University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing
  • Family Links
  • Mercy Health Center
  • UPMC Health Plan
  • Gateway Health Plan

Contact Nancy McManus, (412) 578-7959, or email her at

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Providence, Rhode Island

Laotian and Cambodian Health Fair
April 21, 2007, 11am-3pm

The Rhode Island Department of Health will offer a health fair comprised of the following free screenings: blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, depression, cancer prevention. Also available will be food stamp enrollment and other health information. The immunization outreach coordinator will be available to offer information and answer questions about immunization.

Partners include:
  • CCAP - Family Health Services
  • American Cancer Society
  • Socio-Economic Development Center for Southeast Asians (SEDC)
  • Women's Cancer Screening Program at Women & Infants' Hospital
  • Providence Youth Student Movement
  • The Family Van
  • Psychological Consultation Center at URI
  • Feinstein Center for a Hunger-Free America at URI
  • Neighborhood Health Plan
  • Providence School Department
  • Sojourner House
  • Family Services of RI
  • Department of Health Immunization Program

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Austin, Texas

2nd Annual Austin/Travis County Immunization Conference
April 25, 2007, 11:30am

The Migrant Cinicians’ Network and the Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services Office of the Medical Director will host a National Infant Immunization Week conference on pediatric immunizations. Through the support of the CDC, corporate, and not-for-profit organizations, participants will be provided lunch and continuing education on childhood immunizations. Speakers will also review the importance of immunization, the successes and challenges we have faced over the years, as well as those we see in our future. The effective use of the Texas immunization registry (ImmTrac) will be discussed, as well as ImmTrac's new ease-of-use enhancements and improvements to facilitate data exchange. The conference will also provide information about Austin/Travis County immunization resources allowing healthcare providers to make better health recommendations for all families.

Speakers include:
Judy Schmidt, RN, Ed.D; Duane Kilgus, MPH, RS Commander, both from CDC;;Genie Nyer, BA, BSN, MPA, Executive Director of St. David’s Community Health Foundation Initiatives; and Claude C. Longoria, BA, MBA, Manager ImmTrac Group, Immunization Branch, Texas Department of State Health Services.

For more information, please contact Isabel Hargrove, Manager Immunization Initiative with Migrant Clinicians Network at:; or Rita Ortega from Austin/Travis County HHSD, Immunization Program at:

Belton, Texas

Bell County Public Health District’s NIIW Celebration, 2007
April 28, 2007, 10:00am to 2:00pm

The Bell County Public Health District, in collaboration with other community partners, will hold a National Infant Immunization Week Outreach/Fair on April 28th, 2007, from 10am to 2 pm at the Central Fire Station in Killeen, Tx. Free immunizations, fire & car safety, nutrition, immunization information, Ident-a-Kid program, and other fun activities for the children will be provided.

Partners include the Killeen Fire Department, the Killeen Police Department-Ident-a-Kid Program, the Bell County Public Health District's WIC Program, and the Texas Cooperative Extension-BLT Program.

Call Rachel Lofton at (254) 939-2091 for more information, or email

El Paso, Texas

Free Immunizations
April 23, 25, 27, 2007

ProAction will be providing all children up to 2 years old with free immunizations. ProAction's clinic is open on a walk-in basis Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9-12 & 2:30-5:00. Parents are encouraged to bring all of their children and shot records.

Contact Dusty Warden at (915) 533-3414; (exit site)


NIIW Proclamation
April 24, 2007, 8:00am

El Paso City Council will proclaim the week of April 21 through April 28, 2007, as National Infant Immunization Week. It will take place at:

City Hall (inside the Council Chambers)
1 Civic Center Plaza
El Paso , TX 79901
Contact: Dusty Warden, (915) 533-3414, or
(exit site)

Garland, Texas

Health Fair
April 28, 2007, 9:00-12:00am

This health fair is for the community, Garland ISD employees and their families. There will be low-cost vaccinations, free health screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index, blood sugar, vision & hearing screening, height/weight and bone density testing. There will also be fun activities (games) for children, massage therapists and door prizes. You can also register for the national bone marrow program.

Partners include: Garland ISD; Baylor Garland Hospital, LifeScan, American Diabetes Association, and Garland Health Department.

For more information, contact Vikki Yeatts at (972) 205-3370 or email

Houston, Texas

Recognition of exceptional providers
April 24, 5:30pm

The Houston Department of Health and Human Services (HDHHS), Mayor Bill White and area medical providers will recognize 89 medical providers with 80 to 100 percent rate of up-to-date immunizations among infant patients.

The recognition is part of HDHHS’ observance of Nation Infant Immunization Week, April 21-28. The observance highlights the importance of immunizing infants against vaccine-preventable diseases by the age of 2. White will be the keynote speaker at the event.

HDHHS’ Immunization Program earlier this year received an award from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for helping Houston become the nation’s “Most Improved Urban Area.” Houston’s immunization rate is 76.6 percent.

For more information contact Decrecia Robinson at (713) 794-9474.

Laredo, Texas

Outreach Immunization Clinics

April 24-26th there will be outreach immunization clinics, organized by the Department of State Health Services/Immunization Branch, Laredo, TX.

Please contact Carmen Rodriguez for more information at (956) 794-6380, or email her at


National Infant Immunization Awareness Week Activities  

During this week we will be providing baby bibs, “sippy” cups, coloring books, magnets, crayons, pens, and other materials in an effort to promote the importance of infant immunizations. Furthermore, pictures will be taken of babies receiving immunizations and parents will be presented with certificates of recognition for their efforts in keeping their babies well immunized. Parents may insert this picture inside the magnet with the phrase: “I Am Loved, I’m Immunized” and may place it on their refrigerator along with the immunization schedule to remind them of future appointments. The “Story of Shots” both in English and Spanish will be distributed to parents visiting the clinic and videos will be continuously displayed in the waiting area to better inform them about the importance of childhood immunizations. In addition, a banner commemorating National Infant Immunization Week in the Americas, will be on display in the immunization waiting area throughout the month of April.

Partners include:

WIC Clinics, Border Immunization Initiative, Gateway, Laredo Medical Center, Doctor's Hospital, Mercy Ministries of Laredo, local vaccine providers, Texas A&M International University and Laredo Community College (nursing programs), Laredo Independent School District, United Independent School District, as well as media outlets.

Contact Blanca Gonzalez for more information at (956) 795-4947, or email

Porter, Texas

Disease and Immunization Education
April 26 and 28

We will have our six foot bear “Beary Wise” to hand out important educational materials and entertain children as they wait in line for immunizations. Bear Wise is wise because he immunizes. Partners include the Community Chamber of Commerce of East Montgomery Country Care for Children.

For more information, contact Frankie Milley at the Meningitis Angels at (281) 572-1998, or email

San Antonio, Texas

Provider and partner appreciation luncheon
San Antonio Metropolitan Health District
April 20th

To kick off NIIW, there will be a luncheon with a special keynote speaker for VFC providers and immunization partners. The lunch will recognize providers with outstanding immunization rates. Please call Vivian Flores for more information: 210-207-8790.

San Marcos, Texas

Free Immunizations and Provider Recognition
April 23-27, 2007
Mon. 1pm-6pm; Tues-Thurs. 1pm-4pm; Fri. 1pm-2pm

The Hays County Personal Health Department will participate in a count-wide celebration of National Infant Immunization Week, 2007. During this week, all children 18 years of age and under will receive their immunizations free of charge. Public Service Announcements (PSAs) regarding childhood immunizations will be dispersed throughout the county by utilizing local newspapers and the cable channel. Providers who participate in the Texas Vaccine for Children program will receive a certificate of appreciation for services provided. Partners include:

Hays County Commissioners' Court
San Marcos Daily Record
Kyle Eagle
Lockhart Post-Register
The Free Press
Time Warner Cable

Contact: Patrick Bloomingdale, (512) 393-5520, or email

Web address: (exit site)

Texarkana, Texas

Bus signs and newspaper articles
April 21, 2007

Signs on local buses to remind viewers of early immunization, as well as the immunization registry will run beginning April 21st. A newspaper article on April 21st will also run that highlights vaccines, the need for early infant immunizations, and registering children with ImmTrac, the state of Texas immunization registry.

Partners include the Texarkana Urban Transit and Texarkana Gazette.

For more information, contact Beverly Coleman at (903) 79803257 or email

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Richfield, Utah

Immunization Circus
April 28, 2007, 11:00-2:00pm

We will be offering immunizations under the "Big Top". We will have clowns and races for the children. The police department and the fire trucks will be there. Utah Safe kids is doing a bike rodeo.

Partners include: Richfield Head Start, Richfield Police Department and Fire Department and Utah Safe Kids.

For more information, contact Alicia Beckstead at (435) 896-4353 or email

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Fairfax, Virginia

“It’s Wise to Immunize!” Puppet Presentation
April 25th, 10:30am

The Fairfax County Health Department will offer a puppet presentation emphasizing the important of immunizing infants and toddlers every time, on time, to be held at the Thomas Jefferson library.

Contact Christine Carlock for more information at (703) 346-8648, or email

Lynchburg, Virginia

Teddy bear clinic at local Head Start Centers
Week of April 23rd—27th

The district will be holding a Teddy Bear clinic for local head start agencies in the area. The clinic will offer children education regarding health and the importance of immunizations. We also plan to hold extended hours from 5-7 p.m. on April 26, for children through the age of 18 years for state-required immunizations. In addition, we will be hosting city schools in our health department to pre-register children for kindergarten and to assess their immunization coverage and offer an educational session for parents.

Contact: Dana Woody, RN, BSN, IAP (434) 947-6802, or email:

Petersburg, Virginia

NIIW Kick-Off Event
April 23, 2007, 10am to 11:00am

The Petersburg Immunization Partnership will host the observance of NIIW with kick off event on site of the Headstart Program at the Early Childhood Development Center in the city. Parents of headstart students are invited to be on hand to receive immunization updates and information. The Honorable Mayor of Petersburg will present a proclamation and a parent who has made a special effort to have her child immunized on time will be recognized. Door prizes and refreshments will be available for those who attend. Invitations have been sent to local media outlets.

Partners include: Petersburg Public Schools, Southside Regional Medical Center, Petersburg Social Services, Petersburg Health Department, Southside Pediatrics,District 19/Prevention Services,Healthy Families, Petersburg Headstart Program, Glaxo SmithKline, Sanofi Pasteur, and Wyeth

For more information, contact Joyce Roberts at (804) 863-1652 or email

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Charleston, West Virginia

National Infant Immunization Week Celebration Thursday, April 26, 2007, 10-11am

The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Immunization Program is teaming up with the West Virginia Immunization Network (WIN) to sponsor an NIIW celebration event at the WV Public Employees' Day Care on Thursday, April 26, from 10am-11am Governor Joe Manchin III has issued a proclamation in celebration of NIIW and it will be delivered in person by WVDHHR Secretary Martha Yeager Walker. Guest speakers will be on hand promoting the importance of vaccination starting at birth, with an emphasis on preschool age children. Immunization information kits will be provided. Photo ops and interviews will be available. Details available on our website at (exit site)

For more information, contact Toby Wagoner at (304) 558-6438, or email

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Naucalpan, Mexico

Registry cards/ Media event “El VACUNO DE ORO”

Besides developing registry cards to include vaccines for all ages, there will be a media event to promote vaccinations through radio and TV programs.

Contact Dr. Jaime H. Micher at (555) 360-6672, or email

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