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Education and Training
Slide sets associated with NIP's
"Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases" course
10th Edition Pink Book (January 2007)

PowerPoint icon These are downloadable PowerPoint files*.

Chapter 1. Principles of Vaccination (.ppt 119KB)
Chapter 2. General Recommendations
(.ppt  97KB)
Chapter 3. Immunization Strategies
Chapter 4. Vaccine Safety
(.ppt  54KB)
Chapter 5. Diphtheria
(.ppt  90KB)
Chapter 6. Tetanus
(.ppt  119KB)
Chapter 7. Pertussis
(.ppt  246KB)
Chapter 8. Poliomyelitis
(.ppt  533KB)
Chapter 9. Haemophilus influenzae type b
(.ppt  164KB)
Chapter 10. Measles
(.ppt  139KB)
Chapter 11. Mumps
(.ppt  124KB)
Chapter 12. Rubella
(.ppt  160KB)
Chapter 13. Varicella
(.ppt  128KB)
Chapter 14. Hepatitis A
(.ppt  238KB)
Chapter 15. Hepatitis B
(.ppt  356KB)
Chapter 16. Influenza
(.ppt  216KB)
Chapter 17. Pneumococcal Disease
(.ppt  158KB)
Chapter 18. Meningococcal Disease
(.ppt  308KB)
Chapter 19. Human Papillomavirus
(.ppt  176KB)
Chapter 20. Rotavirus
(.ppt  201KB)


*Accessibility Note: For text-only versions of these files for screen-reader device compatibility, contact for immediate assistance.

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