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Data and Statistics > Immunization Coverage in the U.S. >  NIS > 2000-2001 Tables
List of Tables
July 2000 - June 2001  

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Coverage with Individual Vaccines and Vaccination Series

Excel iconsurvrept  (.xls)
printer image survrept  (.html)

Description of Immunization Action Plan (IAP) area

Excel iconantigen_iap  (.xls)
printer image antigen_iap  (.html)

by State and Immunization Action Plan (IAP) area

Excel iconantigen_state  (.xls)
printer image antigen_state  (.html)

by State


Coverage Levels By Milestone Ages 

Excel icon3months_iap  (.xls)
printer image 3months_iap  (.html)
by 3months by State and IAP
Excel icon5months_iap  (.xls)
printer image 5months_iap  (.html)

by 5months by State and IAP

Excel icon7months_iap  (.xls)
printer image 7months_iap  (.html)

by 7months by State and IAP

Excel icon13months_iap  (.xls)
printer image 13months_iap  (.html)

by 13months by State and IAP

Excel icon19months_iap  (.xls)
printer image 19months_iap  (.html)

by 19months by State and IAP

Excel icon24months_iap  (.xls)
printer image 24months_iap  (.html)

by 24months by State and IAP

WIC and Poverty Status 

Coverage Levels With Individual Vaccines and Selected  Vaccination Series By Participation in WIC, VFC and Poverty Status 

Excel iconwic_iap  (.xls)
printer image wic_iap  (.html)

Participating in WIC by  State and IAP

Excel iconnowic_iap  (.xls)
printer image nowic_iap  (.html)

Not Participating in WIC by State and IAP

Excel iconnopov_iap  (.xls)
printer image nopov_iap  (.html)

Living at or Above Poverty by State and IAP

Excel iconpov_iap  (.xls)
printer image pov_iap  (.html)

Living Below Poverty by State and IAP

Urbanicity Vaccination Coverage Levels by Urbanicity
Excel iconurb_msacc_iap  (.xls)
printer image urb_msacc_iap  (.html)
Living in a MSA Central City by State and IAP
Excel iconurb_msancc_iap  (.xls)
printer image urb_msancc_iap  (.html)
Living in a MSA Non Central City by State and IAP
Excel iconurb_nonmsa_iap  (.xls)
printer image urb_nonmsa_iap  (.html)
Living in a  Non MSA Central City by State and IAP


Vaccine Specific Coverage Levels By Race/Ethnicity and Poverty Level

Excel icon3dpt_race_iap  (.xls)
printer image 3dpt_race_iap  (.html)

3+DTP by State and IAP

Excel icon4dpt_race_iap  (.xls)
printer image 4dpt_race_iap  (.html)

4+DTP by State and IAP

Excel iconpol_race_iap  (.xls)
printer image pol_race_iap  (.html)

3+Polio by State and IAP

Excel iconmmr_race_iap  (.xls)
printer image mmr_race_iap  (.html)

1+MMR by  State and IAP

Excel iconhib_race_iap  (.xls)
printer image hib_race_iap  (.html)

3+Hib by State and IAP

Excel iconhep_race_iap  (.xls)
printer image hep_race_ia  (.html)

3+Hep by State and IAP

Excel iconvar_race_iap  (.xls)
printer image var_race_iap  (.html))

1+ Varicella Vaccine by  State and IAP

Excel icon3:3:1_race_iap  (.xls)
printer image 3:3:1_race_iap  (.html)

3:3:1 by State and IAP

Excel icon4:3:1_race_iap  (.xls)
printer image 4:3:1_race_iap  (.html)

4:3:1 by State and IAP

Excel icon4:3:1:3_race_iap  (.xls)
printer image 4:3:1:3_race_iap  (.html)

4:3:1:3 by State and IAP

Excel icon4:3:1:3:3_r_iap  (.xls)
printer image 4:3:1:3:3_r_iap  (.html)

4:3:1:3:3 by State and IAP

Excel iconrace_nat  (.xls)
printer image race_nat  (.html)

National Coverage by Race/Ethnicity

Excel iconpov_race  (.xls)
printer image pov_race  (.html)

National Coverage by Poverty Level and Race/Ethnicity

Facility and VFC

Coverage by Provider Characteristics (Facility Type and  VFC participation)

Excel iconfacility_iap  (.xls)
printer image facility_iap  (.html)

by Provider Facility Type 

Excel iconvfc_iap  (.xls)
printer image vfc_iap  (.html)

Participating in Vaccine for Children (VFC) Programs by  State and IAP area

Excel iconnovfc_iap  (.xls)
printer image novfc_iap  (.html)

Not Participating in VFC State and IAP


Selected Socio-Demographics

Excel icondem_iap  (.xls)
printer image dem_iap  (.html)

Socio-Demographics: Poverty, Provider Type, Race, MSA

Accessibility Note: For files that are easily read by screen-reader devices, please contact the NIP Webmaster.

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