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  Assessment Feedback Incentives eXchange (AFIX)

AFIX Incentives (page title)

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After Assessment and Feedback

Once an assessment is performed and feedback is given, providers are then faced with the challenge of devising solutions to improve their immunization practices.  While most health care professionals are motivated by an intrinsic desire to improve health care, extrinsic rewards, or incentives, are often helpful.  An incentive is something that incites or has a tendency to incite determination or action.  Oftentimes, incentive programs cannot only help providers move forward in achieving their immunization goals; they can also enhance performance over time. 

Recognition is special notice or attention, a surprisingly powerful motivator.  Incentives and recognition efforts should be aimed at all levels of involved personnel–providers as well as clerks, nursing staff, and office managers.  This emphasizes the importance of a team approach in problem solving.   All of those who participated in efforts to improve immunization coverage should be rewarded for a job well done.  Good incentive programs offer something of value (i.e., food, professional recognition, attendance at a national or state conference).   

Examples of successful incentives:
  • awards dinner at the annual AAP or public health meeting
  • publication of successes in state/local newsletters
  • presentations of plaques for most improved practices
  • luncheon for office staff
  • paid immunization conference registration for office staff
Organizations for sponsorship:  
  • local businesses
  • coalitions
  • professional organizations
  • managed care or HMOs
  • vaccine manufacturers


Assessment Feedback Incentives eXchange (AFIX)
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This page last modified on November 18, 2003


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