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Assessment Feedback Incentives eXchange (AFIX)
AFIX Feedback (page title)

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After an Assessment

After doing an assessment, there is a great deal of valuable information to be shared with practitioners and their staff.  It is important to realize that assessments alone are not sufficient to improve immunization coverage levels.  How we communicate the results of an assessment is just as important as how the data are measured.  Assessment data coupled with feedback creates the awareness necessary for behavior change. 

What is Feedback?

Provider feedback is the presentation and discussion of assessment findings to providers and their staff about their service delivery practices.  Feedback of information can give the provider insights on recordkeeping practices, patient drop-out rates, missed opportunities, and inappropriate use of contraindications.  The data should be presented with feeling and precision, without judgment, and as a challenge.  The feedback given should enable providers to identify problems, devise solutions, and set attainable goals.

Who to Include?

Feedback should include all those who can make a change, not only policymakers but also front line staff, providers, nurses, the clerical staff and office manager.  Findings should be shared with providers in a constructive, timely and confidential manner, preferably as soon after the visit as possible.  The data should not be sent to providers without explanation or analysis.  Remembering the ultimate goal of the AFIX process is to improve and sustain immunization coverage levels, the feedback protocol should:

  1. facilitate discussion among office staff
  2. assist providers and their staff in identifying problems and devising appropriate solutions
  3. encourage provider participation in goal setting
  4. support the use of continuous assessments to monitor these goals

Assessment Feedback Incentives eXchange (AFIX)
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This page last modified on November 18, 2003


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