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Asessment Feedback Incentives eXchange (AFIX)
The Four Components of AFIX

The AFIX approach incorporates four key elements to improve immunization service delivery

  • Assessment of immunization coverage of public and private providers

  • Feedback of diagnostic information to improve service delivery

  • Incentives to recognize and reward improved performance

  • eXchange of information among providers

The purpose of AFIX is to move health care personnel from a state of unawareness about the problem (low immunization rates in their practice) to one in which they are

  1. aware, concerned and knowledgeable
  2. motivated to change
  3. ready to try new behaviors/strategies
  4. capable of sustaining these new behaviors.

AFIX as a quality assurance tool consists of assessing the providerís vaccination coverage levels, feeding back that information along with recommending strategies for improvement, providing incentives to the provider to improve vaccination levels, and exchanging information among the providers within the community about performance and best-practices. This quality assurance measure is a proven and reliable tool for improving vaccination coverage levels in provider offices.

Assessment Feedback Incentives eXchange (AFIX)
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