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Subjects of Interest to Total Worker Health™

Aging Workforce

National Academies of Sciences Report on Older Workers: Health and Safety Needs of Older Workers
A comprehensive report on the aging workforce funded by NIOSH, NIA, and EPA--and conducted in 2004 by the National Research Council. Examines physical, psychological and social factors in aging workers and current knowledge about their health and safety needs.

Healthy Aging for a Sustainable Workforce
A 2009 conference report focusing on developments and progress since the 2004 National Research Council report on health and safety needs of older workers. This follow-up meeting was funded/supported by: SOEH, AOEC, CPWR, VA, and NIOSH.

NIOSH Age Awareness Training for Miners
A comprehensive approach to health and safety training developed by NIOSH researchers for both employees and supervisors in the mining industry. Many of the training materials and prevention ideas are relevant to other industries, as well.

Older Drivers in the Workplace: Crash Prevention for Employers and Workers
A two-page NIOSH fact sheet on older drivers with suggestions for prevention and an analysis of work-related crashes.

Safety and Health: A Guide to Managing an Aging Workforce
A practical guide developed by WORKSAFE Alberta that outlines how employers, managers, and supervisors can adapt workplaces, tools and procedures to deal with age-related changes.

Health and Safety Issues in an Aging Workforce
A research-based report from AARP that addresses work limitations, absence, and ways to boost worker well-being.

Growing Older in America: The Health and Retirement Study
A publication by the National Institute on Aging presenting a wide range of information on the health, safety, and employment activities of older Americans. Report is based on data from the Health and Retirement Study, a nationally representative survey of over 20,000 older adults.

Designing the Age-Friendly Workplace, University of Washington
A website that describes an innovative training program for both managers and employees on designing an “age-friendly” workplace, developed by the University of Washington, with support from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.

The Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College
A website on aging and work that promotes quality of employment and workplace flexibility as an imperative for the 21st century multi-generational workforce.

NIOSH Science Blog: Safer and Healthier at Any Age: Strategies for an Aging Workforce

Medscape Article: When It Comes to Work, How Old Is Too Old?
Find out how you can help your older -- but still working -- patients stay on the job.


CDC Topic: Arthritis

Breast Feeding

Toolkit for setting up a comprehensive lactation support program for nursing mothers at the worksite.

Excerpt of CDC "Guide to Breastfeeding Interventions" that focuses on the workplace. [PDF - 161.10 KB]

Excerpt of National Business Group on Health manual on workplace wellness that identifies three case-studies of successful breastfeeding initiatives. [PDF - 153.37 KB]

Data Management

TWH™ Exclusive Article: Privacy and Security of Employees’ Health Data in the Era of Electronic Health Records

Diabetes Provides resources for businesses looking into worksite wellness programs focusing on diabetes. Includes access to a diabetes cost calculator, information encouraging businesses to invest in these programs and steps to take to begin a diabetes wellness program. Also includes success stories of businesses and government offices that have implemented diabetes wellness programs.

Information from the American Diabetes Association about ways to increase diabetes awareness in the workplace, as well as a link to a guide about how to implement a multi-pronged workplace diabetes program.

Economics and Cost Effectiveness

TWH™ Exclusive Article: Measuring Cost Effectiveness of Total Worker Health Programs: Making the Case for Health-Related Quality of Life

Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders

TWH™ Exclusive Article: Ergonomics: Fitting the Job for Total Worker Health™

NIOSH Science Blog: Joint Pain in the Workplace

General Guidance on Establishing an Ergonomics Program

NIOSH Topic: Ergonomics and Musculoskeletal Disorders

Health Status Reports by Industry

Series of NIOSH reports developed to describe the prevalence of disability and morbidity among current workers within eight sectors. Survey data from the years 1997–2007 were used to describe the five aspects of worker’s health, including (1) health status, (2) physical activity limitations or disability, (3) prevalent chronic conditions (cancer, hypertension, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and severe psychological distress); (4) access to and use of health care services; and (5) health risk factors or behaviors. The report was developed as a descriptive resource to supplement ongoing research, and guide occupational health research and research-to-practice activities within industry.

Occupational Violence

NIOSH Topic: Workplace Violence

Organization of Work

Organization of Work: Measurement Tools for Research and Practice

Physical Activity

NIOSH Science Blog: NIOSH Takes a Stand

NIOSH Science Blog: VHA’s Success for Increasing Movement at Work

Return to Work - Veterans

NIOSH Medscape Article: Mission Critical: Getting Vets With PTSD Back to Work

Sleep and Fatigue

TWH™ Exclusive Article: Can Enough Zzzz’s Prevent Disease?

NIOSH Science Blog: Sleep, Pain and Hospital Workers

NIOSH Science Blog: NIOSH Research on Work Schedules and Work-related Sleep Loss

NIOSH Science Blog: Sleep and Work

NIOSH Medscape Article: Running on Empty: Fatigue and Healthcare ProfessionalsExternal Web Site Icon
Personal and patient safety are threatened by sleepiness and fatigue in healthcare workers. What can be done to reverse this trend?

Radio Podcast: Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue Web Site Icon

Small Businesses

TWH™  Exclusive Article: The light bulb moment: first conversation about TWH™


TWH™ Exclusive Article: Policy Considerations for Lowering Stress in the Workplace       

NIOSH Medscape Article: Alleviating Job Stress in NursesExternal Web Site Icon
Stress seems to come with the practice of nursing, but the consequences are too serious to ignore.

NIOSH Topic: Work-Related Stress

Substance Abuse

An Employer’s Guide to Workplace Substance Abuse: Strategies and Treatment Recommendations [PDF - 522.96 MB] A guide for employers that offers practical solutions for addressing substance abuse in the workplace. Includes information about policy change, insurance plans, and education in the workplace.


TWH™ Exclusive Article: Impact of Work Factors on Obesity, Cancer Screening, and Smoking Cessation: Recent Findings from the 2010 National Health Interview Survey Occupational Health Supplement

NIOSH Topic: Tobacco Smoke in the Workplace

CDC Worksite Health Promotion Topic: Tobacco Cessation in the Workplace

CDC Healthier Worksite Topic: Implementing a Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative in Your Workplace
Provides guidance for implementing a tobacco-free campus initiative that includes both policy and comprehensive smoking cessation services employees. Information is based on the CDC's experience creating the Tobacco Free Health and Human Services initiative.

CDC Office on Smoking and Health resources for people interesting in quitting smoking.

A good resource from CDC for pregnant women who smoke

The National Business Group on Health website entitled "Tobacco: The Business of Quitting". Provides information about tobacco and helps employers establish quit policies and practices at the worksite.

A manual [PDF - 406.17 KB] developed by Professional Assisted Cessation Therapy to encourage professionals in all disciplinary areas to promote smoking cessation. Provides information about implementing policies, working with health insurance companies, and deciding on an overall approach to smoking cessation.

Work Schedules

NIOSH Topic: Work Schedules

Workplace Health Promotion

CDC Topic: Workplace Health Promotion

Workplace Obesity Prevention

CDC  Lean Works!

Work-Family Balance

TWH™ Exclusive Article: Employer Support for Work Family Balance Reduces Health and Safety Risk

Young Workers

NIOSH Topic: Young Workers

NIOSH Science Blogs:


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