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NOTE: This page is archived for historical purposes and is no longer being maintained or updated.

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Newer web-based Industry and Occupation (I&O) coding tool: NIOSH Industry & Occupation Computerized Coding System (NIOCCS)

Chapter 2. User's Reference Guide

2.5 The Field Menu

You can access the Field pull down menu by selecting the Field item on the menu bar. To access the Field menu from the Data Entry Form, press ALT+I or click on the Field item with the mouse. A pull down menu appears:

SOIC Drop down menu.  Field menu displayed.

The pull down menu gives you two options. You can choose either of them by clicking on the one you want with your mouse. Alternatively, you can move to the option you want with the ARROW keys, and then choose the option with ENTER. You can also press the underlined character key. For example, u chooses Undo Field.

The Undo Field option removes any changes you have made to a data entry field on the current record of the Data Entry Form, and restores the field to a previous state. Undo Field only works if you have not moved to a different record, coded the record, or saved your table since you made the changes. Once you move to a different record, code the record, or save your table, the changes to the field become permanent, and the previous state is lost.

2.5.1 The Undo Field Option

To choose the Undo Field option, first move the text cursor to the field you want to restore. You can then press ALT+BACK SPACE. Alternatively, you can click on Edit and then Undo Field with the mouse, or press ALT+I, U.

2.5.2 The Suppress Fields Option

The Suppress Fields option allows you to suppress the display of one or more fields that normally appear on the Data Entry Form. Display of the four core coding fields cannot be suppressed. (These fields are Industry Title, Occupation Title, Industry Code, and Occupation Code.) With all possible fields suppressed, the Data Entry Form looks like this:

SOIC data entry form.  Fields which have not been 'suppressed' are displayed.

To choose the Suppress Fields option, click on Field and then Suppress with the mouse. Alternatively, you can type ALT+I, S. The Field Suppress dialog box opens:

SOIC Field suppression window where fields selected are displayed on the data entry folrm.

To suppress a single field, click on its name or check box with the mouse and then click on OK. Alternatively, press TAB to move the focus through the list of names to the name you want, and press space bar. Then press ENTER.

You can suppress a number of fields by clearing checks from multiple check boxes before leaving the dialog box.

To close the dialog box without taking action, press ESC or click on Cancel. If you have previously suppressed the display of one or more fields, you can use the Restore button to restore the display of all fields.

The effects of Suppress Fields are canceled when you quit the SOIC System or open a new SOIC table, Access table, or Xbase file. The system reverts to displaying all available fields.